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Back to School Advertising 2017: Does the Early Bird Get the Worm?

With back to school campaigns creeping up earlier than ever this year, does the early bird advertiser get the worm, or does it incur the wrath of parents and kids across the U.S.? Viant’s VP of Marketing & Communications, Daniella Krieger, provides insight on this question and how retailers can get timing right with a people-based approach.

Women in Ad Tech: Introducing Viant’s Women’s Initiative

Viant’s Director of Talent Management, Halai Shukran, unveils a Viant’s new program, the Women’s Initiative. This new initiative was put into action by Viant’s female employees, and is designd to help empower, retain, and advance the women in our organization, as well as help all employees become empowered in their own career growth.

The Pulse of Cannes: People-based, brand safety and smaller crowds

Looking past the rosé and the spectacular backdrop of the South of France, the Cannes Lions remain a forum for the media, advertising and technology industries to have face-to-face, productive conversations that shape business and direct billions in ad spend.

Want Better Social Advertising? Break Down the Walls

Viant’s SVP, Erin Madorsky, says despite the dominance of walled gardens today, the tides are changing. By expanding their use of social data outside of the walled gardens, brands can create the kind of seamless experiences customers have come to expect.

The Holy War Of Cross-Device Tracking

Have the challenges of reaching consumers across devices really been solved? Viant’s SVP, Craig Benner, offers his view on this question, discussing the two different types of data being used, probabilistic and deterministic, and what’s required today to understand consumer behavior.

What End-to-End People-Based Advertising Really Looks Like

Jeremy Haft, National Vice President of Platform Sales at Adelphic, shares his key takeaways from the 2017 Digiday Programmatic Marketing Summit in Scottsdale, Arizona, and how a people-based platform is rising to meet new challenges with programmatic media buying.

What Gift You Can Expect on Mother’s Day Based on How Old Your Kids Are

Like 85% of Americans, you may be shopping for Mother’s Day gifts over the next couple of days. Mother’s Day is the third largest retail holiday in the United States and shoppers are expected to set new records for gift giving in 2017. This year, Viant is giving moms some insight into what gifts they can expect.

How to Use First-Party Data to Master the Customer Journey

The customer journey is a long, evolving process where brands need to build awareness in order to drive the consumer to purchase. For brands, understanding how the journey is changing is vital to generating repeat purchases, creating brand loyalty, and delivering value that retains customers over their lifetime. Brands want and need to cultivate long-term […]

How CPG Advertisers Can Boost ROAS with Recency Targeting

For the first time ever, CPG campaign data from three major US brands has been used to test the principle of recency, which proposes that ads are most effective right before a consumer is about to buy a product. Learn more in “The Persuadables”, a new research report from Joel Rubinson, formerly the Chief Research Officer at the Advertising Research Foundation, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, and Viant.

How to Tell a People-Based Provider from a Pretender

Craig Benner, Senior Vice President of Sales, discusses people based marketing–one of the latest adtech buzzwords–comparing it to the earlier days of adtech when programmatic and RTB were being used interchangeably and incorrectly. Craig goes on to define people-based marketing, what it means for marketers, and what questions they should ask before jumping in.