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Programmatic Advertising Solutions

Succeed in the New Open Web with Viant’s People-Based Advertising Solutions.

DSP Programmatic Marketing Services

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Viant’s DSP

Viant’s industry-leading omnichannel demand-side platform, empowering marketers to plan, execute and measure programmatic advertising campaigns in a single platform — through either our self-service portal or with the help of our award-winning professional services team.

Data Platform

Viant’s Data Platform, directly integrated with the Viant DSP, is a suite of powerful data exploration and workflow automation tools that provides marketers many robust solutions, including data visualization through exportation of campaign data direct or into a client's preferred clean room, audience insights and segmentation, ID unification, activation and reporting options, machine-learning capabilities as well as custom solutions.

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Advanced Reporting 50-50

Advanced Reporting

Viant’s Advanced Reporting provides marketers a robust cookieless offering of reporting, planning and analytics tools, including Conversion Lift, Foot Traffic, Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), Cross-Channel, Sales & Purchases, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), as well as custom reporting tools.


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