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A Suite of

Enterprise Advertising Solutions

Viant’s people-based advertising platform leverages our owned 1st party data to help agencies and brands engage with consumers across all devices and formats like mobile, desktop, TV, Digital Out of Home, Audio and more – to understand which marketing tactics are truly driving the biggest results.

Identity Management Platform
Using your customer data combined with Viant’s 1st and 3rd party data, Adelphic gives marketers a transparent and holistic view of their audience profiles, to help make more informed media strategy and investments.
Media Execution
With our self-service DSP, advertisers can execute their programmatic media campaigns across all devices, without worrying about data loss or modeling techniques.
We offer a full suite of reporting tools, including in-depth multi-touch attribution analytics for online and in-store activity. As the first DSP in-market to offer IAS’s MRC accredited viewability metrics directly within the platform, we empower our clients with differentiated insights, optimization and in-flight activation directly at their fingertips.

Data Lake

Viant’s Data Lake not only allows marketers to store all their data, but with our 250M U.S. registered users and expansive deterministic device graph, Viant® can link disparate data to actual people and all of their known devices. Viant has also developed powerful self-service tools that allow Data Lake users to easily analyze and organize ingested 1st party data or Viant data as well as build efficient workflows.