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Adelphic Omnichannel DSP

A DSP for an Omnichannel World

Adelphic is Viant’s industry-leading omnichannel demand-side platform, empowering marketers to plan, execute and measure programmatic advertising campaigns in a single platform – through either our self-service portal or with the help of our award-winning professional services team.

With a customer service satisfaction rating above 95%, Adelphic is built to streamline workflows and ease the lives of programmatic traders.

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Viant Household ID

The Viant Household ID is the solution for marketers in need of a sustainable, scalable way to build relationships with consumers. Among the most persistent and privacy-focused identifiers in existence, the Viant Household ID empowers marketers to reach real people across their devices, whether individuals are at home or away from home, without the need for third-party cookies.

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Viant’s Identity Graph:
For Identity Resolution

Viant’s identity resolution capabilities link persistent individual and household identifiers (email, name, address, phone number, etc.) with addressable digital identifiers (cookie, MAID, IP, location, etc.) from anonymous consumer touchpoints across devices and channels.

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Viant Data Lake

Aggregate, enhance and analyze petabytes of structured and unstructured data to power intelligent action. Brands can create an unparalleled, comprehensive understanding of customers, their devices and online/offline activity by turning volumes of data into actionable insights for deeper customer engagement.

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Solutions - Potens

data exploration & automation made easy

Built on top of Google BigQuery, Potens is a suite of powerful and efficient big data tools designed so that even non-engineers can easily explore and automate workflows to become self-sufficient in their data needs.

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