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Direct Access

Streamlining how buyers and sellers manage data and transact programmatically.


Direct Access Overview

From non-value add intermediaries and low quality inventory to wasted ad dollars and impressions — not to mention, a growing carbon footprint — today’s crowded supply path has unnecessary costs for digital advertising.

Direct Access, Viant’s innovative supply path optimization program, seeks to overcome these hurdles by bringing buyers and sellers closer through direct inventory and first-party data integration. The result is more responsible and sustainable planning, buying and measurement across today’s media landscape.

Graphic of a plug - Direct Access

How Direct Access drives a more efficient supply path

  • Streamlined access to premium inventory at scale
  • Pricing efficiency to allow for more working media
  • Enhanced data operability for better campaign targeting and results
  • Future-ready and privacy-conscious integrations
  • Reduced carbon impact

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