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Closing the Loop on CTV Measurement

Closing the Loop on CTV Measurement - Blog

When Netflix launched its ad-supported tier and hit the one million subscriber milestone, the future of streaming came into focus quickly for advertisers. Now that Netflix has reached 23 million ad tier subscribers, industry buzz says a “streaming war” will happen this year involving Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, among others. 

The Hulu and Disney+ bundle currently on offer is just the latest salvo. And there’s plenty of room on the bus. US ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) viewers are expected to grow from 140.1 million in 2022 to 171.5 million in 2026, reaching nearly half of the U.S. population, according to eMarketer

For consumers, there’s no real downside to more affordable streaming. People especially love to control when they consume the content. And they don’t feel stuck. Consumers aren’t shy about switching from ad-free to the FAST tier or canceling service before renewing. 

For advertisers, streaming wars present cost-effective opportunities to improve engagement, create omnichannel campaigns and find target audiences. Programmatic inventory shortages may be lessening, too. As a result, streaming is solidifying its place as an advertisers’ north star for investment. But, one significant issue is a lack of clarity on measurement. 

Targeting Within Reach

Poor CTV measurement leads to ad waste, which has long been a struggle for advertisers. For example, consumers can’t readily buy from their TV as easily (yet) as from their mobile device, computer or even in-store. However, Viant’s Household ID can help solve these measurement challenges by connecting viewers of a CTV ad to all their other devices.  

So imagine roommates or a family sitting around a TV and seeing an ad for a vacuum. While they all may see the ad, one viewer could pull the ad up on their phone and make a purchase. Viant can help marketers track that conversion. Further, advertisers can leverage our data partners or our Data Platform to upload and optimize their first-party data to ensure they’re reaching target audiences.

Utilizing Viant’s DSP, marketers can then use this audience data for omnichannel execution and closed-loop measurement.

As cable viewers embrace AVOD services, they will continue shopping for the best mix of price and content. Working with the right programmatic technology partner, advertisers will try CTV with greater confidence, knowing that they can expand their reach and improve their targeting with increased accuracy in measurement.  

Get in touch to discover how Viant can help you close the measurement loop on CTV campaigns. 


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