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Explore how our clients are leveraging Viant's Adelphic DSP and our people-based advertising solution to meet their goals.

Top U.S. Auto Manufacturer Sees 35% Lift with First-To-Market Service Measurement

Explore how this first-of-its-kind vehicle service report shared return on ad spend for this U.S. Auto Manufacturer’s CTV-focused campaign.

Tying CTV Ads to Mobile App Attribution with Viant

Discover why this national delivery app looked to Viant’s Adelphic DSP and Advanced Reporting for their latest omnichannel campaign.

Regional College Achieves 628% Lift in Online Actions with Viant 

Learn how Viant’s Conversion Lift Reporting highlighted return on ad spend for this regional college’s recent omnichannel campaign.

Proving the Impact of Digital Ads on Offline Sales with Viant’s Adelphic DSP

Discover how this regional appliance store realized an 8.7% lift in conversions leveraging offline conversion attribution in Viant’s Adelphic DSP.

Discover How This Sugar Substitute Brand Achieved a 186% Lift in Site Actions with Viant’s DSP Adelphic

Learn how Viant’s Household ID and integrated partnership with IRI impacted reach, measurement and in-flight optimization.

How a hotel company lowered CPA with Viant’s Adelphic DSP

Learn how the advanced reporting in Viant’s omnichannel DSP Adelphic helped the hotel company generate 92% lift in walk-in stays and 71% lift in advance bookings.

The Reason This Online Sportsbook and Casino Brand Went Cookieless for Their Latest Campaign

Discover how Viant’s household technology enabled this casino brand to generate $1.2 ROAS and reduce CPA by over 70%.

Why an athletic footwear brand went cookieless for their latest campaign

Learn how Viant’s omnichannel DSP Adelphic, powered by performance-enhancing insights from our data lake, generated $1.8 ROAS and 98% lift in in-store visits.

A B2B Digital Marketing Agency Goes Cookieless and Maximizes Lead Conversions

Learn how Viant Household targeting with people-based B2B partner integrations generated 11.5x ROAS and 39% lift in conversions.

National Retail Pharmacy Increases Sales with Viant’s Cookieless Solution

Viant Household targeting and measurement with people-based partner integrations increased buyer spend and penetration lift.

How Viant’s DSP Adelphic Helped Johnsonville Sausage Turn New Customers into Loyalists

Learn how Johnsonville’s agency Mediahub leveraged Viant’s data partnerships and the industry-leading reporting in Adelphic to convert the brand’s unprecedented number of new buyers gained in 2020 into loyal repeat customers.

How Incrementality Testing Helped Direct – to – Consumer Toy Subscription Company Drive Sign-Ups

Learn how real-time incrementality testing helped an educational toy subscription company understand the true impact of their advertising efforts as they strove to increase subscription sign-ups.

How Adelphic’s Advanced Reporting Suite Helped Online Car Insurance Company Understand the Success of their CTV Ads

Learn how Adelphic’s industry-leading measurement solutions helped an online car insurance company understand whether their CTV ads were successful at driving conversions.

State Tourism Board

Learn how a U.S. state tourism board used Adelphic to increase visits to their state from out-of-state travelers and measure the results of their omnichannel advertising campaign.

Multinational Tire and Rubber Company

Discover how a multinational tire manufacturing company leveraged Adelphic’s identity resolution capabilities and first-party data integrations to drive more consumers to their stores.

National Pizza Chain

Discover why CTV was the MVP for one of the largest pizza chains in the U.S. during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

International QSR Chain

Learn how an international QSR chain leveraged Adelphic to drive awareness among heavy QSR consumers ahead of and during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discover Boating

Discover Boating, the world’s premier online boating resource, leveraged Adelphic’s Advanced Reporting capabilities to prove media drove users to its website as well as boat manufacturers’ websites.

National Bookseller

See how a large, national bookseller put Adelphic to the test to increase foot traffic in its stores and prove that media can motivate consumers to visit stores for purchases.

Video Game Developer

Learn how a premier video game developer and publisher partnered with Adelphic to create awareness for its top-selling game as it launched on a popular portable platform.