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Omnichannel Marketing

Reach consumers seamlessly across all programmatic channels and formats with Viant’s DSP.

Examples and Benefits of Utilizing Omnichannel Marketing Services

With Viant, you can manage campaigns across connected TV (CTV), linear TV, digital out-of-home (DOOH), audio, mobile, desktop and in-game, without having to constantly switch between platforms.

Connected TV Advertising

Connect with TV viewers and manage reach and frequency across Connected TV (CTV) devices to drive better engagement across brand-safe, premium environments.

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Programmatic Linear TV

Streamline the manual steps of linear TV ad buying, buy live addressable and non-addressable TV inventory and track your campaigns.

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Digital Audio Advertising

Programmatic audio in Viant allows marketers to engage listeners as they’re tuned in to their favorite content across all devices.

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Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH)

Reimagine the classic advertising experience through captivating creatives and streamlined ad delivery for roadside billboards and screens in elevators, airports, and more.

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Video Advertising

Reach audiences across all of their connected devices through multiple video formats in brand safe, viewable and fraud-protected environments.

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In-Game Advertising

Reach key gaming audiences with relevant and impactful advertisements that appear directly within the audiences’ favorite video games — without disrupting gameplay.

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Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising solutions in Viant allow brands to deterministically reach consumers on their mobile devices, wherever they are.

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Native Advertising

Native advertising can be formatted in Viant to match existing site content, increase direct response, drive engagement and build awareness.

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Display Advertising

Brands can leverage Viant software to use website display adds to drive awareness, increase engagement and other KPIs.

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Omnichannel Marketing FAQ


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