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A New Way Forward for Digital Advertising

At Viant, we believe the New Open Web — what some people are calling Web 3.0 — is about creating the internet we all envision. One where marketers and consumers alike can succeed in a new digital landscape.

What Will Replace Third-Party Cookies?

A monumental shift is coming to digital advertising and marketers are scrambling to figure out a solution after it happens. We’re talking about the end of third-party cookies. But we’re not really grieving their loss.

Insight Democratization

On any given day, advertisers are under pressure to meet a slew of goals. But one goal stands above the rest — proving the value of ad spending.

Emerging Formats

Picture this: You’re a marketer and you’ve just launched a media plan that took months to develop. Unfortunately, the initial impact is underwhelming and the campaign isn’t meeting expectations. Saying that, you still believe things could turn around — especially because the plan involved so many hours of hard work.

Proving the Impact of Digital Ads on Offline Sales with Viant’s Adelphic DSP Discover how this regional appliance store realized an 8.7% lift in conversions leveraging offline conversion attribution in Viant’s Adelphic DSP. read more
Discover How This Sugar Substitute Brand Achieved a 186% Lift in Site Actions with Viant’s DSP Adelphic Learn how Viant’s Household ID and integrated partnership with IRI impacted reach, measurement and in-flight optimization. read more
How a hotel company lowered CPA with Viant’s Adelphic DSP Learn how the advanced reporting in Viant’s omnichannel DSP Adelphic helped the hotel company generate 92% lift in walk-in stays and 71% lift in advance bookings. read more
The Reason This Online Sportsbook and Casino Brand Went Cookieless for Their Latest Campaign Discover how Viant's household technology enabled this casino brand to generate $1.2 ROAS and reduce CPA by over 70%. read more
Why an athletic footwear brand went cookieless for their latest campaign Learn how Viant's omnichannel DSP Adelphic, powered by performance-enhancing insights from our data lake, generated $1.8 ROAS and 98% lift in in-store visits. read more
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