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New Ways to Succeed in Digital Advertising’s Post-Cookie World

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The cookieless world is officially underway, but it’s just another day for many digital marketers. Google Chrome will phase out cookies by the end of 2024, but the clock has been ticking for quite some time. Fortunately, there are more options than ever for those still adapting to the post-cookie world.

Nevertheless, many marketers still seek a post-cookie advertising solution that actually improves their ad campaign execution and conversion. That’s one reason many marketers clung to cookies for as long as possible. What happens after the cookie, and how will it achieve digital marketing objectives?

People-based Advertising

In the early days of programmatic advertising, cookies were considered a plus — enabling marketers to reach their target consumers and gauge the impact of their campaigns. The catch is this occurred on a single device, which led to imprecise campaigns and misspent ad dollars. 

Viant’s people-based advertising, which doesn’t rely upon just one identifier, is built to solve the challenges of the post-cookie, omnichannel world and maximize the precision of ad channels such as Connected TV (CTV). Our Household ID, made up of both online identifiers (IP addresses and MAIDs) and offline identifiers, enables closed-loop attribution in cookieless environments like CTV or even in-store. 

Accurate Personalization 

Reaching target audiences is a battle that appeared settled years ago when consumers typically used one device for digital access. Yet, in retrospect, third-party cookies were always an imperfect tool, and many ad dollars were flushed away because of imprecise targeting and poor user experiences. 

Solving the gaps of “probabilistic” attribution demands a different approach to reach target audiences and achieve campaign validation. Marketers and agencies can look to people-based advertising to activate first-party data (or leverage third-party data partners) and gain actionable insights at the individual and household levels. The “deterministic” matches that occur from Viant’s post-cookie solution are apparent across multiple devices and improve ad experiences, satisfy privacy concerns and deliver a better return on ad spend (ROAS). 

Effective Omnichannel Campaigns

Targeting consumers across all of their digital devices is state-of-the-art in advertising. You might see an ad on a laptop browser in the morning and convert it from a mobile device during your evening commute. Can marketers launch omnichannel campaigns and measure the outcomes seamlessly? Not without a demand-side platform (DSP) built for today’s diverse media landscape.

The Viant DSP leverages the Household ID for accurate reach and frequency, identifying best-in-class inventory across digital ad channels without the need to switch between platforms to launch campaigns. 

Measuring the Impact of Media

Proving the value of ad spend in a fragmented media landscape is a litmus test for digital marketers and their chosen programmatic approach. Is conversion measurement possible in a cookieless and non-clickable media channel? Take CTV, for example. People-based technology and Viant ‘Conversions’ reporting capture the impact of all media in driving conversions, accounting for variables such as whether or not the CTV ad has a QR code. 

In the past, tying in-store conversions back to campaigns proved difficult for marketers. Viant’s Foot Traffic Reporting leverages our identity graph and provides marketers with validated location data that illuminates how their advertising drives traffic to a point of interest.  

Driving Successful Campaigns

Meeting the challenges of a fragmented media landscape demands a comprehensive advertising solution capable of cross-channel measurement. Reaching current and potential target audiences on multiple devices requires personalized advertising campaigns utilizing Viant’s first-party data activation capabilities, Household ID and DSP. 

Viant supports marketers in their journey to people-based technology in a self-service, co-managed or fully-managed model. By now, most marketers may be ready to cut ties with cookies, embracing a future-ready solution that maximizes their ad dollars and delivers state-of-the-art capabilities across all of today’s media. 

Download your free copy of Programmatic for the People: Succeeding in Digital Advertising’s Post-Cookie World.


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