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Viant Data Lake

Explore Viant’s® Data Lake with this explainer video on our Google-certified and flexible, cloud-based platform. Unlike any other solution on the market, the Viant Data Lake adds a powerful identity and device layer to your audience data with access to our 250 million registered user profiles from the Viant® Advertising Cloud.

Introducing Viant

Co-founders Tim & Chris Vanderhook introduce Viant – the premier people-based advertising technology company that enables marketers to plan, execute, and measure their digital media investments through an on-demand, cloud-based platform.

The Viant Advertising Cloud

Built on a foundation of people instead of cookies, The Viant Advertising Cloud provides marketers with access to over 250 million registered users, one of the largest registered user databases available, infusing accuracy, reach and accountability into cross device advertising.

Onboard & Match Customer Data in the Identity Management Platform

As the most advanced deterministic identity management platform, the Viant Identity Management Platform gives marketers access to Viant’s proprietary database of over 250 million registered user profiles, enabling marketers to onboard and build actionable customer lists.

Build Unique Audience Segments in the Identity Management Platform

The audience builder tool within the Viant Identity Management Platform allows marketers create unique audience segments based on real people, rather than anonymous cookies.

Understanding Cross Channel ROI Across TV, Digital, and Print with the Data Analytics Platform

Viant’s Data Analytics Platform (DAP) helps marketers understand true cross channel campaign effectiveness across digital, print, and TV through a simple user interface showcasing a customer’s path to purchase.