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Discover how Viant's sustainability program Adtricity is driving carbon reduction in digital advertising.

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Driving A More Sustainable Future for Digital Advertising with Adtricity

Digital advertising’s carbon impact is increasingly a hot topic within and beyond the industry. And it makes sense: while our environmental footprint may be less noticeable than other sectors of the economy, recent estimates show digital advertising accounts for roughly 3.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions — a number that is growing at 6% annually.

As awareness of the industry’s environmental impact increases, brands and marketers are searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

That’s why in early 2023 we launched Adricity®.

Adtricity is Viant’s sustainability program created to drive carbon reduction in digital advertising.

How Viant's Adtricity Program is Helping to Decarbonize Digital Advertising

Alongside RECs, Viant is doing its part to clean up digital advertising with our Adtricity Supply Decarbonization initiative.

We leverage leading industry partners, including Scope3 and Cedara, to measure the carbon impact of every impression delivered through the Viant DSP and actively offset that carbon for media executed through our platform.

To highlight these sustainability efforts, we’ll be rolling out a Carbon Label in the corner of ads to indicate the ad was delivered by Viant through the purchase of 100% renewable energy.


Renewable energy credits, or RECs, are an accounting tool for energy usage claims and provide companies around the nation, even in states that do not offer or produce renewable energy, with a means to help achieve their sustainability goals while fostering U.S. clean energy production.

With our Adtricity Customer Incentive Program, RECs can be delivered to brands and marketers for media investment through the Viant DSP — at no extra cost*.

*Except costs incurred in purchasing, managing and/or retiring or transferring RECs.

Infographic of Renewable Energy Credits Process

Counting Your Carbon Emissions

Our carbon emissions calculator displays emissions potentially generated from our clients’ ad campaigns — and the possible RECs they can earn via the Adtricity Customer Incentive Program.


Viant Sustainability Report

Viant is proud to announce that we achieved carbon neutrality in the calendar year 2023. Read more about our journey and what’s next in our annual sustainability report.


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Achieving Your Sustainability Goals with Viant

What are RECs?

Dive into Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and why they’ve become a popular way for the industry to address its carbon impact.

Cutting Your Carbon Emissions

Learn how Viant’s Adtricity initiative can help advertisers achieve their sustainability goals while supporting U.S. clean energy infrastructure.