Advanced TV Encyclopedia

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with the many new terms and acronyms of TV advertising, you’re not alone! Another new medium to add to the mix, advanced TV advertising and all the ad tech that is required to reach your audiences is complex – and so is its related vocabulary.

To help, we’ve compiled the top terms you need to know when exploring today’s TV advertising landscape.

Advanced TV: Any television content that has evolved beyond traditional linear TV delivery models. An umbrella term, Advanced TV is inclusive of Interactive TV (iTV), Connected TV (CTV), Smart TV and Linear Addressable as well as VOD Addressable.

AVOD: Short for “advertisement-based video on demand,” AVOD refers to streaming video-on-demand services that are supported by advertising (e.g., Hulu, Crackle, XUMO).

CTV: Short for “Connected TV,” a CTV is a TV set that is connected to the internet via OTT devices, Blu-Ray players, a streaming box or stick or gaming console, or has built-in internet capabilities and is able to access a variety of long- and short-form web-based content.

Cord Cutters: TV viewers who had traditional cable or satellite subscriptions within the past five years before ceasing those subscriptions in favor of streaming services like Netflix or Hulu.

Cord Nevers: TV viewers who have not had a traditional cable or satellite subscription within the past five years.

Cord Shavers: TV viewers who reduce their cable or satellite subscriptions in order to add streaming services.

 Linear Addressable: The addressable ad inserted into live programming. For example, DirecTV, Dish and Cablevision’s inventory is all linear addressable.

OTT: Short for “over the top,” OTT content is video content transported over an internet connection via a connected device like a CTV or Smart TV from a video provider to a connected device.

MVPDs: Short for “multichannel video programming distributor,” MVPDs are services that provide multiple television channels, like cable or satellite TV services including Comcast, DirecTV, DISH, etc.

VOD: Short for “video on demand,” VOD is content that is controlled, enabled and consumed whenever a viewer wants after its official release date or original air date and time. VOD content can be found on set top boxes, OTT devices, mobile web, mobile apps and streaming services.

VOD Addressable: An addressable ad inserted into cable programs within the VOD content accessible through a cable provider set top box (e.g., Comcast’s addressable inventory is VOD addressable).

vMVPDs: A “virtual” MVPD that distributes live and on-demand content via the internet for a subscription fee. These services are comprised of many apps, often called “skinny bundles” – for example, Hulu with Live, Sling TV, etc.

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