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Reach 200M+ Active Rx Patients with Rx and OTC Information

With Rx information for over 200 million active patients and over the counter SKU level insights for more than 100 million households, leverage Viant's® people-based platform to better understand health-related product purchases.

Viant Pharma helps advertisers target consumers based on Rx and OTC information, as well as other types of industry related medical data.

By unlocking the power of digital, marketers can develop strategic campaign initiatives aligned with their target Rx and OTC audiences.

Key Benefits of Viant Pharma

Access to Insights

Gain key insights with access to 1.8 million prescribers and pharmacy data across grocery, drug, club, and mass retail stores.

Cross-Device Execution

Drive OTC purchases, prescriptions, and guide shopper behavior with effective cross-device execution.

Comprehensive Reporting

Measure and gain a holistic view of campaign performance with access to lift in prescriptions or actual OTC product sales.

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Viant has a team of professionals available to support implementation and integration to ensure full capabilities are leveraged from day one.

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