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State Tourism Board

Learn how a U.S. state tourism board used Viant to increase visits to their state from out-of-state travelers and measure the results of their omnichannel advertising campaign.


A U.S. state tourism board sought a way to increase visits and overnight stays from out-of-state travelers coming by car or plane, and to measure overall campaign performance across all channels.


The tourism board leveraged Viant to execute an advertising campaign across programmatic linear TV (PLTV), connected TV (CTV), online video and display. The campaign sought to reach viewers of travel networks and travel-related programming.

Audiences exposed to the tourism board’s TV spots were retargeted sequentially across their other devices. The tourism board utilized Viant’s built-in identity resolution capabilities, ACR data integrations and partnership with visitation intelligence company Arrivalist to measure their campaign performance. Viant is the first Arrivalist premium partner to offer cookieless measurement on CTV and PLTV, and with a matched control group methodology, the tourism board was able to measure incremental visits within their panel of monthly active users across more than 2,000 apps.


During the five-month campaign flight, the tourism board saw a 1.5% lift in visits. With an additional three-month lookback window to account for lead time ahead of most consumers’ scheduled vacations, the tourism board’s total eight-month measurement timeline showed a 3.5% overall lift in visits. Nearly half of the visitors who were exposed to the tourism board’s ads arrived in the state within 60 days of ad exposure.


It’s arguably never been a better time for travel and tourism advertising. With travel poised for a big rebound as the world moves beyond COVID-19, savvy marketers understand there’s an opportunity to capitalize on built-up demand. To get the most out of their efforts, travel and tourism marketers should work with software that provides real-time measurement and reporting capabilities, in order to ensure their messaging is having the desired effect.

With an omnichannel DSP like Viant, travel and tourism marketers can track their entire campaigns and close the loop on execution, effectively measuring important KPIs from online ticket purchases to visits to key locations and beyond.


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