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Building the Future of Advertising: Viant’s Role in the CTV Revolution

How Viant Became the DSP for CTV - Blog

Streaming fans may be feeling a headache from rising subscription prices and recent company updates limiting viewing ability to a single household, but, for marketers, it’s a different story. The CTV good times are still picking up steam and buying ad inventory is competitive.  

With 115 million CTV households this year, says eMarketer, digital ad spending is expected to grow 4.2% and CTV advertising is projected to have its biggest summer yet, thanks in no small part to sports. According to eMarketer, “CTV’s gains will make up for the decline of linear TV ad spend, which will drop 4.7% in 2025, 1.2% in 2026, and 4.0% in 2027.”

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming. We’ve been preparing ourselves to meet the CTV challenge and become the DSP partner of choice for advertisers. 

AdExchanger praised our DSP approach to direct relationships in TV ad buying. It stated that our supply-path optimization program, Direct Access, grew by 25% in Q3 and then by 40% in Q4. 

The program is gaining steam because it enables:

  • Streamlined access to premium inventory at scale
  • Pricing efficiency to allow for more working media
  • Enhanced data operability for better campaign targeting and results
  • Future-ready and privacy-conscious integrations
  • Reduced carbon impact

Viant has made the necessary investment to solve CTV measurement, the evergreen issue for marketers, with our Household ID, a solution that empowers marketers to reach real people across their devices, whether individuals are at home or away from home, without using cookies. Combined with Viant’s DSP, Household ID scans more than 1.5 billion IP addresses and other identifiers, translating them into 115 million tangible, meaningful homes that marketers can reach with targeted advertising. 

Marketers can tap into our DSP and apply household audience data for omnichannel execution and closed-loop measurement. They can also collect, track and report on actionable data, allowing them to better understand their customers and optimize their campaigns as needed.

Advancing the Future of CTV

Tim Vanderhook, Co-Founder and CEO of Viant noted earlier this year that we “capped off a year [2023] of accelerating growth” by addressing advertisers’ omnichannel programmatic advertising needs. He said this was built on over a decade of “R&D invested in our Household ID technology, which enables advertisers to plan, buy and measure their spend in cookie-free environments.”

And Wall Street has noticed. “Overall, Viant’s Household ID solution solves the problems caused by cookie deprecation by allowing marketers to target and measure campaigns efficiently in cookie-free contexts,” writes Yiannis Zourmpanos, a contributor to InvestorPlace. “This is easily one of the top disruptive tech stocks in the sector.”

Viant thrives because we provide options that help advertisers succeed in their programmatic/digital marketing journey. We offer choices of:

  • Managed Service, perfect for marketing teams that lack resources and need help executing.
  • Co-Managed Service, adapted for sophisticated marketing teams that want to view their activity on the DSP but that are either light on resources or that are knowledgeable but might not be ready to trade in their seat.
  • Self-Service: This is for programmatic traders prepared to dive into our DSP tech and tap our network of world-class data partners. 

Contact your Viant representative to learn more, or get started with us.  


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