What is Second-Party Data and Why is it Important to Understand?

Most marketers understand first- and third-party data, but when it comes to second-party data, things aren’t as clear. Here’s why it’s important to understand the differences between all three.

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Machine learning can increase viewable inventory scale by 4x. Here’s what to know before considering whether to adopt it as a solution to your viewability challenges.

Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast: In-housing Remains a Hot Topic

Are marketers going all in on in-housing programmatic? According to eMarketer’s Ad Spending Forecast Update, that depends on how you define it.

Is Your TV Advertising Viewable?

While much has been written about digital ad viewability standards, TV advertising decisions are still largely based on an ad being shown – not seen. What can marketers do to ensure their campaigns have maximum impact?

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This year, the Emmy Awards are facing a competition of their own with Monday Night Football. As a marketer, which big event will help you reach your target audience?

Q&A: Dun & Bradstreet on How and Why Data is Critical to B2B Success

SVP of Audience Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet discusses how to leverage B2B data to solve today’s top marketing challenges.

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In our latest Q&A, FreeWheel’s Justin Beere uncovers the latest developments in CTV audiences and advertising spend, as well as the KPIs most critical to advertisers.

Back to School Season is Big Business for These Brands

Staples? Best Buy? Lunchables? Using the Viant Advertising Cloud, we deduced the back-to-school favorites of families based on size and children’s age.