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National Pizza Chain

Discover why CTV was the MVP for one of the largest pizza chains in the U.S. during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


As consumers quarantined at home during the early stages of the pandemic, and flocked to their TVs for both distraction and information, a popular national pizza chain set out to prove the effectiveness of connected TV (CTV) ads in driving online orders


Leveraging the Viant people-based demand-side platform (DSP), the pizza chain launched a six-month targeted CTV campaign utilizing the chain’s own CRM audiences across smart TVs in the U.S. The pizza chain’s goal was to prove that CTV ads drove consumers to their website to place orders, which was accomplished by measuring online orders that followed CTV ad exposure leveraging automated content recognition (ACR) technology.

The campaign was optimized to balance reach with the effectiveness of driving online orders and key tactics were used to drive conversion volume and efficiency.

Viant created a custom conversion analysis by matching CTV exposures deterministically to registered users in Viant’s identity graph, so the pizza chain could know who was exposed to an ad and then attribute online orders to those exposures. This custom cross-channel reporting function enabled the pizza chain to truly measure CTV-driven purchases, something impossible with the typical conversion reporting included with most DSPs.

By implementing Viant pixels on the pizza chain’s order confirmation page, the chain was able to evaluate CTV conversions by targeting tactic on a monthly basis.


Thanks to Viant, the pizza chain was able to understand online conversions that took place on another household device after exposure to a CTV ad, and to produce monthly conversion analyses.

Results were optimized based on spend and frequency across device, resulting in the highest month-over-month growth in conversion rate of 152%, resulting in quarter-over-quarter growth of 67%.


There’s a clear reason why CTV ads have increasingly become a priority for marketers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers continue to spend an increased amount of time with ad-supported streaming content, and with a people-based approach, marketers can optimize on the fly and prove that their CTV ads are having the desired effect, as the pizza chain in this example was able to do.

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