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Multinational Tire and Rubber Company

Discover how a multinational tire manufacturing company leveraged Adelphic's identity resolution capabilities and first-party data integrations to drive more consumers to their stores.


A multinational tire and rubber company sought to increase traffic of in-market tire shoppers to their network of tire dealers in the U.S.


The tire company leveraged the Viant software to execute two 60-day campaigns in Q1 and Q3 2020, leveraging key direct-match data partners to create audience segments known to be in the market for tires. The tire company’s team added further granularity to the addressable campaign through competitor tire brand conquesting and segmented lifestyle audiences based on four types of car ownership.

  • All-Terrain Vehicles
  • Sport Utility Vehicles
  • Luxury Vehicles
  • Commuter Touring Vehicles

Consumers who were exposed to the tire company’s connected TV (CTV) or online video (OLV) ads were then retargeted with sequential messaging via mobile and desktop display ads.

Powered by the identity resolution capabilities built into our DSP, the tire company was able to understand which creative units were most effective in driving visitation to tire dealers. Ongoing, in-flight optimizations throughout Q1 then enabled them to fine-tune relevant communication ahead of Q3’s campaign. Viant’s deep location data integrations enabled the tire company to measure store visits at the user level, a far more reliable metric than modeling or panel data. Viant’s data segments were frequently refreshed during the Q3 campaign to make sure the tire company’s segmented audiences were still actively shopping for tires.


Six times as many consumers visited the tire company’s stores in Q3 compared to Q1. Viant’s Advanced Reporting suite allowed them to understand and act upon deeper-level metrics, helping their Q3 campaign drive a 23% lift in those who saw their ads, as well as a 77% decrease in cost per visit compared to Q1. View-through rates of CTV and OLV ads beat benchmarks in both Q1 and Q3, as did both campaigns’ click-through rates.


In today’s data-driven world, successful marketers must be able to move seamlessly from insights to action. The Viant advertising software makes it possible for marketers to truly understand the effect their campaigns are having by leveraging direct integrations with first-party data sources. Viant’s foundation of deterministic data empowers marketers with reporting and analytics tools like foot traffic measurement, multi-touch attribution and more, directly within the platform.

To learn more about Viant’s data integrations, as well as its Advanced Reporting suite and measurement capabilities, contact us to speak to an Viant representative today.


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