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How Incrementality Testing Helped Direct-to-Consumer Toy Subscription Company Drive Sign-Ups




Learn how real-time incrementality testing helped an educational toy subscription company understand the true impact of their advertising efforts as they strove to increase subscription sign-ups.

The challenge of understanding whether a target audience responded to an ad campaign or would have made a purchase regardless is universal. Thus, incrementality testing has become a key measurement tactic for brands who want to understand the true effect their advertising efforts are having.

That’s why marketers are looking to DSPs like Viant that prioritize reporting and measurement capabilities. Viant’s robust Advanced Reporting suite empowers marketers to seamlessly move from analytics to action. And, as a people-based DSP, Viant doesn’t rely on third-party cookies for targeting or measurement, so users don’t have to worry about the impending cookie apocalypse.

Below, discover how a direct-to-consumer toy subscription company was able to leverage Viant’s incrementality testing and real-time reporting features to increase subscription sign-ups, track incremental sales and inform their future strategy.


With the ultimate goal of increasing subscription sign-ups, the toy company needed to evaluate the performance of their target audiences and chosen tactics in driving incremental sales.

The toy company specifically wanted to understand the lift in subscription sign-ups and sales for each tactic, not just the total number of sign-ups. In order to inform planning and strategy, it was important to know whether their audiences would have converted regardless of being exposed to their ads.


The toy company launched a three-month campaign with Viant, testing eight different targeting strategies, including retargeting and lookalike segments.

Viant’s patented Household ID technology and identity resolution capabilities allowed them to compare results for those who saw their ads to a ghost bid control group made up of consumers who were within the toy company’s targeting criteria, but were not shown an ad.


Viant’s Conversion Lift report helped the toy company understand incremental lift in subscription sign-ups by targeting tactic as well as the lift in sales. The company was able to use this information to inform their future advertising strategy.

Overall, the campaign drove a $3.58 Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


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