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7 Steps to Programmatic Success for Pharma Marketers


For pharma marketers looking to initiate or expand their digital advertising efforts, there is much to keep in mind. Here are seven steps to take, as excerpted from our new guide, Programmatic Advertising for Pharma Marketers.

1. Leverage Compliant Targeting Capabilities:

Make sure your technology partners enable you to use relevant and accurate data to find consumers who align with your product.

2. Minimize Wasted Spend:

There’s an inherent amount of waste in TV and print ad spend, but digital is different because of accuracy in reaching desired audiences. Have the right tools and teams in place to find the right balance for your campaigns to minimize waste and maximize return.

3. Engage With Your Audience:

Digital advertising empowers you to create compelling, customized content. Make sure you’re equipped to engage with audiences based on their interests and needs as well as where they are in their customer journey.

4. Prioritize brand safety:

Ensure you’re in a position to safeguard both your brand and consumers’ privacy by requiring your partners to comply with all the latest privacy regulations.

5. Be Ready to Scale:

Digital advertising allows you to scale in a much more targeted way than TV and print advertising, as long as you’re working with the right technology and data partners.

6. Consider Emerging Channels:

Digital out-of-home, programmatic audio and Connected TV present huge opportunities for pharma marketers to better reach their audiences with more relevant advertising while remaining privacy compliant.

7. Understand Attribution:

As long as you’re working with a partner that leverages HIPAA-compliant data, measurement and attribution are achievable. You can tie media exposure back to a consumer, and be confident that you’re reaching them with the right message at the right time.

To learn more about how programmatic advertising is rife with opportunity for the pharmaceutical industry – as well as guidance for operating in a word dominated by privacy concerns.


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