Viant’s Identity Resolution links individuals and households by matching personal and digital identifiers (email, name, address, phone number, etc.) with anonymous consumer touchpoints (cookie, MAID, IP, location, etc.) across devices and channels, providing unmatched accuracy and scale.

  • Deterministic Matching

    Deterministic Matching

    Identity Resolution is rooted in deterministic matching to create targeted, people-based experiences. Powered by millions of unique online authentication events per month across our Total Graph integrations, our deterministic graph enables us to build robust customer profiles with the highest degree of accuracy.

  • People-Based Identity

    People-Based Identity

    Viant’s Total Graph provides an omnichannel view of the consumer. Our offline data is based on touch-points from the real world that are deterministically tied with online identifiers to provide a people-based omnichannel view of your target audience, enabling you to create personalized, meaningful experiences for the consumer.

    Reaching over 250 million matched people and 100 million households, our Total Graph is among the largest deterministic graphs available.

  • Deep Integrations

    Deep Integrations

    Integrations with over 150 supply and data partners matched through our identity direct match process creates one of the largest pools of deterministic data available.

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  • Household Patent

    Household Patent

    As a pioneer in identity resolution, Viant was awarded a patent for Internet Connected Household Identification for Online Measurement and Dynamic Content Delivery.

  • Privacy and Security

    Privacy and Security

    Built on a foundation of user consent with advanced consumer opt-out capability to keep privacy and security on the forefront. We support most advanced hashing protocols and make data protection a top priority.