Viant Data Lake Case Study

Discover how digital out-of-home media owner Firefly leveraged the Viant Data Lake to prove the value of their product and quantify advertiser outcomes.

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Digital out-of-home (DOOH) media owner Firefly needed to build out its own custom measurement tools to quantify the value of their hi-res screens atop taxis and rideshares to advertisers, a particularly important endeavor during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Firefly began by assessing their goals and identifying their shortcomings. They determined that their most pressing need was to measure the impact of DOOH ad exposure to brand engagement and to manage unstructured data. Quantifying the value of DOOH in real terms can be a challenge – but a necessary one, as alternative digital channels are highly measurable.

Using the Viant Data Lake’s proprietary data exploration tool, Firefly was able to build custom databases to power their reporting UI. They were able to leverage Viant’s verified location data, onboarding for identity resolution match and secure environment in order to process and make sense of terabytes of data.


Through their custom-built measurement suite made possible by the Viant Data Lake, Firefly was able to analyze and store 250 million rows of anonymized user-level location data per day within a secure, clean room environment.

This reporting was able to attribute 58% of website visitation to individuals on their mobile devices, as well as effectively and transparently quantify DOOH ad exposure, helping Firefly prove the value of their offering.

As a publisher, we are always trying to improve the effectiveness of our inventory. With Viant's Data Lake solution, we have universal control of our own data, which gives us the visibility we need to understand how it works for our clients. It also allows us to give our customers a holistic way to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Onur Kardesler, Firefly Co-Founder

How the Viant Data Lake Helps All Media Owners

With the Viant Data Lake, media owners gain a deeper level of transparency into their data, which enables them to have a better understanding across formats and channels, determine what is driving the most offline sales during specific time periods and design cross-channel attribution methodologies that work best for brands.

With the Viant Data Lake, media owners can:

  • Access tools to understand their users at a deeper level
  • Develop their own tools or reporting solutions
  • Reach their audiences off property through audience extension solutions
  • Enhance content recommendation systems, leading to better user experiences