The Viant Data Lake

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s brands is how to tie together disparate data points, especially with today’s complex consumer pathways to purchase that span online and in-store channels.

By 2025, the digital universe will create petabytes of data – but most of that data isn’t being analyzed.

That’s why successful companies are gaining actionable insights on data by tapping into the power of data lake platforms. Our Data Lake empowers marketers to have full control over their own data, providing unbiased insight into all of their marketing initiatives within a single platform.

With the Viant Data Lake, brands can:

Create powerful audience segments using data on customers and their shopping behaviors from disparate sources within one seamless platform

Gain a holistic view into all of their marketing initiatives by linking together these disparate data sources

Reach customers across all of their devices and understand true reach and frequency across each device

Get an understanding of how their marketing dollars are really working for them with real-time ROI measurement

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  • “With Viant’s Data Lake, we have access to highly granular reporting on attribution, path-to-purchase, and ROAS as well as more advanced data mining tools that enable deeper data analysis on the behavior of auto shoppers.”
    Aaron Gwin, Director of Digital Strategy & Insight Marketing
    Zimmerman Advertising
  • “Viant’s Data Lake helps to solve for the challenges present in today’s omnichannel world by unlocking the power of raw data. The insights empower our brands to create more meaningful interactions with customers.”
    Dan Carroll, CEO and Founder