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The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics

Learn how to go for the gold with Viant

From July 26th - August 11th, viewers will tune in to watch the world’s best compete in Paris at what’s expected to be a popular 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

So, how can marketers reach these audiences to achieve digital advertising gold?

There are already a few advantages for viewers and advertisers compared to the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. Unlike three years ago, there is no lingering pandemic preventing audiences from attending the Olympic Games, nor is there a 13-hour time difference (Paris is only six hours ahead of New York), allowing marketers to target audiences with less delay.

Perhaps the biggest potential benefit for advertisers and viewers stems from a decision missing from previous Summer Olympic broadcasts — streaming all the games through connected TV (CTV).

Olympics Streaming on TV

Streamlining Viewership with Streaming

Streaming all the Paris games on CTV shows an awareness of changing consumer viewing habits.

In another evolution from the Tokyo games, which forced non-linear TV viewers to switch between NBC’s website and their Peacock streaming service, the Paris events will stream exclusively on Peacock.

Advertisers expect this streamlined viewing experience to deliver a positive result. As of last October, over half of the ad inventory had already been sold for the Games.

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Connect with Olympics Viewers on CTV

The move to streaming the games on CTV allows advertisers to reach tuned-in viewers for nearly three weeks in a format more familiar to today’s audience.

This has the potential to be a big win for marketers.

While linear television may offer broad reach, the digital advertising tools available for CTV offer more precise audience targeting and closed-loop measurement.

For example, a retail brand promoting their upcoming fall line during the 2024 Summer Games could identify consumers most likely to buy and tie their CTV ad to a conversion, including if it happened in-store.

That is, as long as they work with a post-cookie digital advertising partner, like Viant.

Viant’s people-based advertising allows advertisers to move beyond the cookie to discover (or expand) target audiences and measure the path to purchase, online and off.

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The Viant Audiences Advantage

Viant users can also tap Viant Audiences audience segments to help further stand out during the 2024 Summer Games.

Viant Audiences provides audience contextual-based, predictive TV viewership and location data for geotargeting. These segments can be layered onto a campaign or tailored to unlock actionable audience insights and drive informed decisions.

Further, Viant Audiences also offer innovative machine-learning predictive segments, custom-built from brands’ first-party KPIs, such as online or offline conversions, foot traffic, in-store CPG purchases and more.

Advertisers can use Viant Audience segments for the Paris games to reach tuned-in streaming watchers of content related to the Summer Olympics, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, cycling, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer and diving.

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