People-Based Advertising

Defining People-Based Advertising

For more than a decade now, marketers have relied on cookie-based modeling to link the same consumer across multiple devices. But in a world where 75% of cookies are deleted every month and two-thirds of IP-connected devices don’t accept cookies, this approach simply doesn’t work anymore.

People-based advertising arose from this cross-device challenge by providing brands with real, first-party data from actual people, allowing marketers to deliver personalized customer experiences across TV, digital, and print.

With insights like where your customer gets their morning coffee, what car they drive, and what TV shows they’re watching, people-based advertising helps brands connect with real people, across all of their devices.

Learn more about people-based advertising and get familiar with the key terms and acronyms used in the industry with Viant’s® People-Based Advertising Glossary.

Why Viant?

Viant has been at the vanguard of people-based advertising, starting with the January 2015 launch of the Viant® Advertising Cloud. This launch marked the pinnacle of more than 17 years of dedication to developing industry-leading advertising technology solutions for brands. Most recently, Viant was recognized as the “Best Performance Marketing Technology” at the 2017 Performance Marketing Awards. 

The Viant Advertising Cloud gives marketers the ability to onboard and activate their first-party CRM data against our database of 250 million registered users, allowing marketers to build personalized ad campaigns across the open web. Using Viant’s platform, marketers can directly measure their ad campaign’s impact on sales, both online and offline, all the way down to the customer level. Our clients are using this level of transparency to gain real insights into what’s moving the needle for their businesses.

With our January 2017 acquisition of Adelphic, a leading cross device demand-side platform (DSP), we have created the industry’s first self-service people-based DSP, giving marketers a globally scaled solution that hasn’t previously existed in the marketplace.

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