Why digital out-of-home should be integrated into your 2019 marketing mix

With advances in location and time data, advertisers now have the ability to track consumer movement in the real world to measure outdoor advertising tactics, writes Viant CMO Jon Schulz in MarTech Today.

The Washington Post is trying to go beyond cookie-based ad targeting and match ads to people without being ‘creepy’

The Washington Post is moving beyond cookie targeting because “more than 60% of marketers won’t rely on cookies for digital in the next 2 years,” says Viant in Business Insider.

Why TV Advertisers Need A Second Screen Strategy

“When marketers integrate the second screen by retargeting audiences shortly after their television creative airs, consumers can be up to 72% more likely to convert within the next 24 hours,” says Viant CMO Jon Schulz.

Viant’s Adelphic Announces New Programmatic Audio Inventory Integrations, Further Enhancing Omni-Channel DSP

Adelphic, a Viant subscription-based self-service platform for cross-channel programmatic advertising, announced an enhancement to programmatic audio inventory.

Viant’s Adelphic Adds Audio To Programmatic Inventory

Adelphic, a subscription-based demand-side platform (DSP) owned by Viant and its parent company Meredith Corp., is adding audio to its programmatic advertising integrations. TuneIn, TargetSpot and other international inventory is now available to buy programmatically, through the company’s strategic integration with Rubicon Project.

African-American Millennials Have Spending Power That’s Poised for Growth

New survey data from ad tech company Viant reveals the spending traits of African-American Millennials, who comprise about 26 percent of the total African-American population and 14 percent of all Millennials.

Study: African-American Millennials Far More Likely To Drive A Cadillac Than Other Demographics

New research from the Marketer’s Guide to African-American Millennials shows they have a major preference for Cadillac compared to other demographics in the same age group.

African-American Millennials Prefer Cadillac

African-American Millennials are 40% more likely than other millennials to drive full-size cars, per “The Marketer’s Guide to African-American Millennials” from Viant, a Meredith advertising technology company.

How Are Marketers Successfully Shaking Last-Click Attribution?

Marketers want better insight into how their dollars are spent, but replacing last-click attribution models with more advanced approaches can be challenging. Marketers recognize the dangers in limiting ones’ measurement lens to a single influence, but a host of organizational problems prevent many marketers from adopting more advanced attribution techniques, according to Jon Schulz, CMO of ad tech company Viant.

Are Some Brands Wasting Ad Budgets With Super Bowl Buys?

With estimates of a $5 million-plus price tag for a 30-second spot in the Super Bowl this year some advertisers may be wasting their ad budgets targeting unlikely customers, according to ad tech company Viant.