Thought Leaders Weigh In On The Post Pandemic Advertising And Media Landscape

“Now that many more advertisers see the power of CTV, expect the growth trend to continue post-pandemic as the value proposition remains strong in driving a solid return on ad spend,” writes CMO Jon Schulz.

How Video Gamers’ Media Habits Changed During Quarantine

By analyzing ACR data, we determined how video game players’ TV and gaming habits changed after the COVID-19 pandemic began and live sports were canceled.

Marketers’ playbook for recovering from COVID-19

Jon Schulz, CMO at Viant, discusses the key considerations for marketers as industries get a handle on the immediate crisis of COVID-19 and start looking to chart their next steps.

People-based ad tech company Viant is partnering with WideOrbit

“This strategic partnership with WideOrbit further supports Viant’s strategy of delivering customers a leading omnichannel platform for their campaigns,” says Viant CMO Jon Schulz.

Viant Announces Integration With WideOrbit, Automating Linear TV Buying and Delivery

With Viant’s addition of WideOrbit’s Programmatic Marketplace TV advertising solution, marketers can now efficiently buy live TV inventory and track their campaigns through a single platform.

Viant Widens Omnichannel Ad Abilities With WideOrbit Deal

Advertising technology company Viant has inked a partnership with WideOrbit, the media platform known for connecting ads and audiences across multiple touchpoints.

Viant integrates with WideOrbit

People-based advertising technology company Viant is partnering with WideOrbit, a media platform connecting ads and audiences everywhere, allowing Viant customers to advance linear TV ad buying and delivery of ads in a true omnichannel approach.

Viant Adds Linear TV By Integrating With WideOrbit

Viant said it made a deal to integrate WideOrbit’s Programmatic Marketplace into its automated platform for buying and delivering commercials. The move gives Viant consumers access to linear TV, providing them with a way to launch and track omnichannel campaigns through a single platform.

Viant Announces Integration With WideOrbit, Automating Linear TV Buying and Delivery

Single holistic view across omnichannel media now available for marketers

Q&A with WideOrbit’s Programmatic Linear TV Expert

WideOrbit’s EVP and CRO Mike Zinsmeister breaks down the types of brands and advertising agencies that can benefit from programmatic linear TV – and what they need to know about it.