The Evolution of a Game of Thrones Fan

As Game of Thrones enters its final season, we examine how the habits and preferences of the series’ fans have changed over the years.

What’s Holding Marketers Back from a Holistic Attribution Strategy?

Jon Schulz, CMO at Viant explores why it’s so important for marketers to move beyond impression-based metrics and focus on ROI. He explains the steps marketers need to take to make holistic attribution at their company possible, focusing on how to get buy-in across the organization and develop a strong data-driven culture.

5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Location Data Partner

Looking for a location data partner? First, learn these five key questions to ask to ensure you’re choosing the best fit for your needs.

McDonald’s makes black millennial consumers top priority with extensive ‘campaign movement’

African-Americans are forecast to wield a collective buying power of $1.4 trillion by 2020, with millennials, who comprise a quarter of the population, likely to command a sizeable chunk of that spending, a study by Viant Technology found. Viant also said that “people-based” marketing can be a powerful tool in connecting with African-American millennials, in particular.

Cuebiq on Location Data Advancements and How Privacy Plays a Role

Location data is more powerful than ever before. Cuebiq’s EVP, Data Ecosystem discusses what the significant advancements in the space mean for today’s marketers.

Why digital out-of-home should be integrated into your 2019 marketing mix

With advances in location and time data, advertisers now have the ability to track consumer movement in the real world to measure outdoor advertising tactics, writes Viant CMO Jon Schulz in MarTech Today.

Advancing Marketing Attribution, Part 2

In eMarketer’s new Advancing Marketing Attribution report, Viant’s CMO discusses the importance of balancing both channel-level and company-specific KPIs, as well as the key questions to marketers must ask to successfully do so.

TargetSpot on the Rise of Digital Audio, Consumers’ Growing ‘Addiction’

TargetSpot’s Carolyn Hudson discusses what’s driving the rapid growth of digital audio as well as why the medium is so valuable to today’s marketers.

The Washington Post is trying to go beyond cookie-based ad targeting and match ads to people without being ‘creepy’

The Washington Post is moving beyond cookie targeting because “more than 60% of marketers won’t rely on cookies for digital in the next 2 years,” says Viant in Business Insider.

Why TV Advertisers Need A Second Screen Strategy

“When marketers integrate the second screen by retargeting audiences shortly after their television creative airs, consumers can be up to 72% more likely to convert within the next 24 hours,” says Viant CMO Jon Schulz.