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What Marketers Need to Know About African-American Millennials


As the most diverse generation in history, Millennials are loyal to products and services that they feel speak to them directly, not simply to Millennials as a whole.

That’s definitely the case with African-American Millennials, who make up more than a quarter of the total African-American population and represent 14% of all Millennials. While they share characteristics with both groups, they also have many distinct habits and preferences marketers must strive to understand.

But what matters most to African-American Millennials? What are they watching on TV, where are they spending their money, and what are they eating and drinking? The Marketer’s Guide to African-American Millennials, Viant’s newest white paper, answers marketers’ biggest questions about this group of spenders with a significant influence on mainstream culture.

For example, our research shows that African-American Millennials watch network TV (NBC, FOX, CBS and ABC) at about the same rates as other Millennials. But certain other channels are particularly appealing to them. As you can see in the chart below, FX, which airs Atlanta (created by and starring Donald Glover, an African-American Millennial himself), leads the way with 41% of the demographic tuning in.

Our data also shows that African-American Millennials are social drinkers, more likely to be enjoying a beer, glass of wine or cocktail when they’re away from home. In fact, they’re 25% less likely than other Millennials to drink in their own homes but are 12% more likely to consume alcohol at a bar or club.

African-American Millennials’ habits differ from other Millennials and African-Americans in a variety of other areas, as well, and our research will equip marketers with what they need to know to establish direct relationships with them. For advertisers, marketers and brands who want to successfully reach this group, a personalized and data-driven approach is essential.

The insights above are just a small sample of what’s available in our report, The Marketer’s Guide to African-American Millennials. Our research will help marketers reach African-American Millennials as they age into their peak earning years.

Interested in learning more about reaching African-American Millennials? Get the report here.


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