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Is Native Advertising Worthy of a Bigger Campaign Role?

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Recommended articles, done properly, blend into content pages. That’s an essential attribute of Native Advertising and why many readers don’t mind sponsored content. Paradoxically, this content is out-of-sight, out-of-mind for some advertisers. Yet, it’s not forgotten. Native Advertising pulls its weight in omnichannel campaigns and benefits from increased investment thanks to the switch from desktops to mobile devices.

Though Native Advertising spending is slowly declining as a percentage of total display ad spending, from 62.4% in 2019 to a projected 59.7% in 2023, according to eMarketer. Nevertheless, the same study projects Native Advertising spending will grow 12% this year in lockstep with overall ad trends. A reawakening is underway. Publishers are retooling Native Advertising to meet the changing needs of consumers and digital advertisers.

Is Native Advertising worthy of heightened attention from consumers and advertisers?

The consumer experience

Mobile Native Advertising spend is gaining traction as shoppers consume content on the go. Native Advertising has also seen increased investment thanks to the switch from desktops to mobile devices. Gourmet Ads asserts that “a premium Native Advertising via a smartphone enjoys a click-through rate (CTR) of up to 0.38%. Even on a desktop, the average CTR is 0.16%.” 

Channels like Digital Out-of-Home, Connected TV and Streaming Audio have emerged to connect with target audiences where they are paying attention. But these channels are, often, only one part of today’s advertising campaigns. 

Native Advertising is meant to fit seamlessly, or not disrupt, audiences while scrolling a favorite article or website. For example, a consumer might not even know they saw a native advertisement on their social media feed without taking a second look. In a recent article espousing Native Ads, Adotat noted that Native Advertising are non-disruptive to readers, allow advertisers to control their ad placement and are cost-effective for advertisers. 

“The open web is still a high-traffic driver, which is a real testament to its value in the digital landscape. Native Advertising plays off of this concept to provide a unique and individualistic ad experience that reaches audiences of all demographics in nonintrusive and constructive formats,” shared Viant Account Executive Larissa Claar.

The advertiser experience 

The increased variations of Native Advertising also allow marketers to fit them across the funnel. Once earmarked for awareness, Native Advertising is becoming a full-funnel experience and can work effectively in performance campaigns. For example, a Sponsored Article in the Wall Street Journal can be impactful as a first or last touch. 

Of course, placement still matters, but bottom-of-the-funnel content can’t be wordy or complicated if a shopper is on their mobile phone. Native Advertising indirectly benefits from ad blockers because no one has invented a way to exclude them, and they’re a dependable option. With that in mind, advertisers need to have advanced reporting to understand which channels drive the path to purchase.

“Native Advertising resonates with a range of audiences at all different stages of the funnel because of its seamless creative integration. With placements that take on the look and feel of its surrounding content (for an enjoyable user experience) and the use of powerful CTAs, marketers can provide a lasting impact on brand perception. Native Advertising allows space to lean into any marketing KPI and goal whether that be awareness, performance or anything in the between,” explained Claar. 

With the widespread deprecation of cookies, measurement is essential to maximizing and optimizing any campaign investment. The Viant approach to Native Advertising involves household identifiers that enable marketers to track their return on ad spend closely. 

Native Advertising has become suitable for programming buying and fits in a wide array of ad formats. There’s no lack of Native Advertising inventory. If you can reach a household precisely, you can retarget your audience wherever they go. 


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