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Decarbonizing Digital Advertising with Carbon-Avoidant Ads

Discover Viant's Adtricity Supply Decarbonization Initiative

A More Sustainable Media Future is Possible

Our Adtricity Supply Decarbonization Initiative is helping reduce digital advertising’s environmental footprint by delivering carbon-avoidant ads through the Viant DSP. Each ad served through our DSP will include a Carbon Label in the corner to indicate the ad was delivered by Viant through its purchase of 100% renewable energy.

Counting Carbon Emissions with Scope3

We leverage leading industry partners, including Scope3, to measure the carbon impact of every impression delivered through the Viant DSP and actively offset that carbon for media executed through our platform.

What does it mean to be “powered by 100% renewable energy”?

Viant endeavors to leverage renewable energy sources wherever possible in partnership with our supply path partners. Where renewable sources are not available, Viant leverages renewable energy credits (RECs). If we purchase RECs, they are Green-e® certified ensuring they meet the highest standards in North America.

Decarbonization Smartphone Mockup

The digital advertising industry generates approximately 3.5% of global greenhouse gasses every year.

Ad Impressions and Metric Tons comparison graphic

That’s the equivalent of:

Icon of an airplane

1 Round Trip Flight from Boston
to London Per Passenger

Icon of a cup with a straw

24M Plastic

Icon of a smartphone

121K Smartphones

Join Us in Creating a More Sustainable Digital Advertising Future

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