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Targeting TV Audiences Online with a People-Based Approach

The Viant® Advertising Cloud marries TV viewership data with people-based insights using Viant’s® people-based device graph which links our registered users and all of their devices to online and offline behaviors. Marketers are able to leverage Viant’s people-based platform to secure accurate reach and frequency as well as follow a viewer’s complete path to purchase.

Leverage TV viewership insights using automatic content recognition (ACR) or set-top-box (STB) data to target and measure TV audiences across all of their connected devices.

Key Benefits of Viant TV

Audience Targeting

Target light/non-viewers for incremental reach, retarget people that have just seen your or a competitor’s TV ad, or connect with TV viewers based on other offline consumer behaviors.

Extended Reach

Leverage insights provided by the Viant Identity Management Platform (IMP) to create custom TV viewing execution strategies based on your most valuable customers in brand safe environments such as full episode players or connected TV.

Holistic Offline Measurement

Close the loop by linking actual online or in-store sales with TV viewership data to understand ROI or leverage ACR insights to measure the impact your ad had on driving viewers to tune-in to a specific TV program.

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