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Target Consumers Based on Their Financial Attributes

Powered by a direct match integration with a premier credit information database, as well as a leading financial services company, Viant® gives advertisers the ability to deterministically target consumers based on their financial attributes.

With hundreds of unique financial data attributes, marketers can build custom audiences segments based on attributes such as home ownership, lifestyle patterns, insurance, and investments.

Key Benefits of Viant Finance

One Holistic View

Viant’s people-based platform ties both online and offline consumer activity back to a single profile, allowing marketers to reach consumers throughout their day, whether they are checking on their account online or visiting their local branch.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Gain additional insight on which ads are driving the most visitors to your financial institution with foot traffic reports and comprehensive online/offline attribution.

Proximity Targeting

In order to drive more foot traffic to financial institutions, Viant’s proximity targeting allows marketers to customize messages based on real-time location so you can reach consumers with the most relevant message wherever they are.

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Viant has a team of professionals available to support implementation and integration to ensure full capabilities are leveraged from day one.

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