Cannes Lions 2022

June 20 – 24, 2022

Open Your Eyes to the
New Open Web in Cannes


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Meet Viant

At Viant, we believe the New Open Web — what some are calling Web 3.0 — is about creating the internet we all envision. One where marketers and consumers alike can succeed in a new digital landscape. Check out our content from Cannes Lions and learn more about our groundbreaking technology that is empowering marketers to succeed in the cookieless era of digital advertising.

AI-Driven Advertising as Cookies Age Out

As companies move away from third-party cookies, a new frontier of data is open for business. But navigating this new machine-learning landscape presents its own unique set of challenges. We discussed the uncertainties that have opened up across jurisdictions, as well as what’s needed to successfully adapt during a period when advertisers are adopting AI as a necessary component of the digital ad industry.


Tim Vanderhook, Co-founder and CEO, Viant

David Cohen, CEO, IAB

Carol Chen, Global CMO & SVP Shell Mobility Services, and Chairman Shell Brands International


Philippa Leighton-Jones, Editor at Large, WSJ The Trust

The Role of Identity in the Cookieless Future and Web 3.0

With cookies being phased out, marketers need a better way to measure the effectiveness of their media spend. Viant’s people-based approach uses a range of identifiers to resolve the identity of individuals and households. That means marketers can tie ad impressions to conversions – no matter where the ads were shown or where the conversions took place. We discussed the role of identity in the cookieless present and Web 3 future.


Tim Vanderhook, Co-founder and CEO, Viant

John Dioso, Editor, Studio 30, Ad Age

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