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Viant’s Consumer Sustainability Study

Awareness about the impact of climate change and subsequent efforts to be more environmentally conscious have generated a lot of global buzz for individuals, governments and businesses.

But how important is it for a business to undertake sustainability initiatives on behalf of consumers?

In our recent consumer research report, Viant’s Consumer Sustainability Study, we surveyed over 1,000 US consumers, who were representative of the national population, on the importance of businesses having sustainability initiatives.

In Viant’s Consumer Sustainability Study, you’ll discover:

Are Climate Pledges Impactful?

Find out if brands making a public commitment to be more sustainable is still enough for consumers in 2023.

Is There a Generational Divide on Sustainability?

From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, find out how each generation feels about the importance of sustainability from brands.

How Important is it for a Company to Utilize Renewable Energy?

Determine how impactful brands leveraging low-or-zero carbon energy sources such as wind, solar, etc., is to consumers.

And much more!