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Viant’s Adelphic Launches Innovative Subscription Pricing


Adelphic, Viant’s people-based, self-service platform for cross-channel programmatic advertising, today announced it will now offer a subscription-based pricing model for clients using its DSP. The new model can significantly reduce technology costs and offers an unprecedented level of transparency into media, tech and data costs. Advertisers and agencies can now license Adelphic as a software as a service (SaaS) platform with a flat subscription fee, paying a set technology cost independent of media spend. Additionally, through a direct billing structure, clients can be billed by the exchanges, SSPs and publishers directly, eliminating any intermediation and providing clearer insights into inventory costs.

In a digital ad market where advertisers are calling for greater transparency, Adelphic’s new subscription model provides advertisers and agencies with more control, transparency and freedom in how their ad spend is utilized. Marketers utilizing the Adelphic low monthly DSP subscription fee will see significant cost savings that can be reinvested in working media. Advertisers and agencies currently using Adelphic’s subscription-based model are reducing their DSPs fees by as much as 80 percent, compared to percent of spend pricing models utilized today.

“With the large number of technology and programmatic fees that exist today, advertisers are seeing more than 50 cents out of every dollar going towards something other than media,” said Tim Vanderhook, CEO of Viant, Adelphic’s parent company. “Adelphic’s new subscription model is structured to make media spend work harder, and give advertisers greater control and transparency over their media investments.”

Adelphic Subscription reduces technology costs, provides economies for scaled spending and offers clients consistency and reliability, furthering Adelphic’s goal to create a better experience and offer greater control over campaign performance for its DSP customers. This puts more of the advertisers’ budget directly into working media and reduces the “technology tax” burden.


Adelphic is a leading subscription-based omnichannel demand-side platform. Major agencies, brands and large media buyers rely on the self-service software solution to execute programmatic advertising campaigns across desktop, mobile, CTV, audio and digital out-of-home each day. With a customer satisfaction rate of 95%, Adelphic also delivers global scale, with access to leading ad inventory providers. Adelphic’s platform bypasses the limitations of user identification across all digital devices, delivering rich, nuanced portraits of real people, instead of cookies. Adelphic is owned by Viant®, a leading people-based advertising software company that enables ad buyers to plan, create, execute and measure their omnichannel digital advertising investments. For more information, please visit Viant:


Viant® is a leading people-based advertising software company that enables ad buyers to plan, buy, and measure their advertising investments. Its self-service DSP for omnichannel advertising, Adelphic®, provides the ability to execute programmatic advertising campaigns across Connected TV, linear TV, mobile, desktop, audio and digital out-of-home. Viant’s Identity Resolution capabilities have linked 115 million U.S. households to more than 1 billion connected devices, and is combined with access to more than 12,000 audience attributes from more than 60 people-based data partners. Viant is an Inc. Best Places to Work award winner. To learn more, visit or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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