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Viant’s Adelphic Launches Inaugural National Programmatic Advertising Day, Hosts Programmatic Advertising Summit


Adelphic®, a Viant subscription-based self-service platform for cross-channel programmatic advertising, today announced the launch of the first annual National Programmatic Advertising Day. This nationally registered day occurs each year on Nov. 7 and aims to recognize the tireless efforts and advances made by programmatic traders in the digital media ecosystem.

As part of the celebration, Adelphic encourages organizations to use #ProgAdDay on social media and share photos of their programmatic teams and mention why they appreciate them. We hope all advertising agencies and trading desks take part in the celebratory day, along with brands who have programmatic teams in-house, by encouraging team outings, creating a trader/campaign of the month award, or just by finding special ways of saying thanks.

“Programmatic traders are truly the backbone of the $100 billion digital advertising, and they often don’t get the recognition they deserve,” said, Jon Schulz, CMO at Viant. “We’re proposing that this day serves as an opportunity to appreciate those individuals who really help shape the online advertising experience.”

To showcase the company’s support for National Programmatic Advertising Day, Adelphic will be hosting a series of regional events across the country, culminating in an invite-only Programmatic Advertising Summit in Chicago, on Nov. 7. The summit will include thought-provoking content led by industry leaders from Cadreon, Spark, Havas, and others. There will be informative sessions around best practices, strategies, tactics, and industry trends along with an executive panel discussion on the Future of Programmatic Advertising.

For programmatic traders and marketers that are unable to attend but want to learn more, they can also join the Future of Programmatic Advertising live webinar hosted by eMarketer and Adelphic on Nov. 7 at 2:00 p.m. EST. The webinar will coincide with the release of Adelphic’s upcoming Trends in Programmatic Advertising Research Report, which will investigate programmatic traders’ insights and perspectives on:

  • What resources are needed to succeed
  • Fraud and viewability protection
  • Preferred ad verification partners
  • The impact of AI and machine learning on campaign efficiency

“Impactful advertising is about more than just serving the right impression to the right user,” says Alex Perrin, VP Programmatic Strategy at Adelphic. “The best digital advertising campaigns are supported by programmatic trading teams constantly pushing to meet and exceed campaign goals, and who overcome substantial technical challenges. For National Programmatic Advertising Day, we would like to thank our traders for their hard work and dedication.”

For more information on the Programmatic Advertising Summit or webinar, please contact Daniella Krieger, VP of Marketing for Viant at

To learn more about National Programmatic Advertising Day, visit:

About Adelphic

Adelphic is a leading subscription-based omnichannel demand-side platform. Major agencies, brands and large media buyers rely on the self-service software solution to execute programmatic advertising campaigns across desktop, mobile, CTV, audio and digital out-of-home each day. With a customer satisfaction rate of 95%, Adelphic also delivers global scale, with access to leading ad inventory providers. Adelphic’s platform bypasses the limitations of user identification across all digital devices, delivering rich, nuanced portraits of real people, instead of cookies. Adelphic is owned by Viant®, a leading people-based advertising software company that enables ad buyers to plan, create, execute and measure their omnichannel digital advertising investments. For more information, please visit Adelphic: or Viant:

About Viant

Viant® is a leading people-based advertising software company that enables ad buyers to plan, buy, and measure their advertising investments. Its self-service DSP for omnichannel advertising, Adelphic®, provides the ability to execute programmatic advertising campaigns across Connected TV, linear TV, mobile, desktop, audio and digital out-of-home. Viant’s Identity Resolution capabilities have linked 115 million U.S. households to more than 1 billion connected devices, and is combined with access to more than 12,000 audience attributes from more than 60 people-based data partners. Viant is an Inc. Best Places to Work award winner. To learn more, visit and or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.


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