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Adelphic Launches First Behavior-Centric Cross-Channel Programmatic Ad Solution


WALTHAM, MASS – August 17, 2016 – Adelphic, the leading mobile and cross-channel demand side platform (DSP), today unveiled the first behavior-centric cross-channel solution for ad buyers’ single or multi-channel campaigns. Integrated into Adelphic’s mobile-first DSP, the suite enables brand marketers and agency ad buyers to identify and engage consumers across channels through superior targeting and real-time decisioning, driving relevance, scale and performance.

At the heart of this cross-channel solution is Adelphic’s Behavior Graph™, which provides insights not only into a consumer’s multiple devices, but also into behaviors in the channels where the devices are used, providing a much richer data set to drive campaign performance than could be provided by device knowledge alone. Marketers can also seamlessly onboard and incorporate their first-party audience data including cookies, device IDs, campaign events and remarketing pools, which are then matched with Adelphic’s data in order to deliver a personalized consumer experience.

“As marketers make the shift to a mobile-first world and are afforded with more potential consumer touchpoints, better data and insights are required to successfully execute cross-channel dialogues with consumers,” said Warren Zenna, Head of Mobext US, Havas Media’s global mobile marketing agency. “A behavior-centric approach to cross-channel engagement enables campaign decisions to be made on a far richer data set than devices alone, which makes for a better-performing campaign.”

The solution also enables marketers to connect and target audiences across devices including desktop, tablets, connected TV and mobile phones, with frequency and sequencing controlled globally due to the application of Adelphic’s ^tagTM (“a-tag”) universal identifier. Adelphic was issued the patent for user identification on networked devices in 2013.

“A DSP’s typical tool for the implementation of cross-channel campaigns is a licensed, third-party device graph. This approach is highly limiting as it does not provide insights into the consumers behind the devices.” said Michael Collins, CEO of Adelphic. “While our Behavior Graph does link devices across channels, it also provides insights into the consumers behind the devices, creating a much more robust data set for finding audiences and driving campaign performance.”

Equipped with forecasting, reporting and optimization tools, Adelphic’s cross-channel solution provides ad buyers with the insights necessary to make the most of their ad spend.

About Adelphic

Adelphic is a leading subscription-based omnichannel demand-side platform. Major agencies, brands and large media buyers rely on the self-service software solution to execute programmatic advertising campaigns across desktop, mobile, CTV, audio and digital out-of-home each day. With a customer satisfaction rate of 95%, Adelphic also delivers global scale, with access to leading ad inventory providers. Adelphic’s platform bypasses the limitations of user identification across all digital devices, delivering rich, nuanced portraits of real people, instead of cookies. Adelphic is owned by Viant®, a leading people-based advertising software company that enables ad buyers to plan, create, execute and measure their omnichannel digital advertising investments. For more information, please visit Viant:


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