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Advanced TV Event

Gone are the days where an ad can solely be served on the TV – to make an impact today, brands have to reach viewers across all of their connected devices. A diverse group of TV industry experts sits down to discuss the non-traditional ways marketers can ensure their message is heard and overcome these challenges.

TV Viewability in the Age of a Distracted Consumer Event

Today’s TV viewers are more distracted than ever. It’s no longer enough for an ad to appear only on TV; to make an impact, brands must now reach viewers across all of their connected devices. A diverse group of TV industry experts sits down to discuss how to marry TV viewership with people-based insights to capture consumer attention and return a profit.

Viant’s® Vanderhook Sees Programmatic Ads Evolving

In an interview with Beet.TV during Cannes Lions 2017, Viant’s CEO, Tim Vanderhook, talks about the maturation of programmatic advertising and the new “flight to quality” that’s shaping the industry.

The History of People-Based Advertising

From the demise of cookie-based targeting and the rise of walled gardens to the current challenges facing the industry, learn about the key highlights marking the rise of people-based advertising and how marketers can deterministically link real people to all of their devices in this animated explainer video.

Unlocking the Power of People-Based Data

Learn how brand and agency marketers are using people-based advertising to develop a one-to-one relationship with consumers in our highlight reel from Viant’s People-Based Data event at the Ham Yard Hotel in London.

Linking TV, Digital and Mobile to Sales

Viant CRO Jeff Collins sits down for an interview at VMA Media’s Videonomics Summit in Santa Barbara to discuss the growing rate of traditional TV content consumption across connected devices, and what this means for advertisers looking to accurately measure return on ad spend.

The ARF at CES 2016 – Talk with Tim Vanderhook

Viant CEO and co-founder Tim Vanderhook sits down with Gayle Fuguitt, President and CEO of the ARF, to discuss the evolution of Viant as well as the company’s entrance into the people-based advertising arena over the last year.

Connecting Online to Offline at IAB UK

Viant co-founders Tim and Chris Vanderhook take the stage at the IAB UK Engage: Higher Ground conference in London to discuss the shift from cookie-based to people-based advertising currently underway within the digital arena.

Measuring True ROI Across Devices Through a People-Based Approach

Marketers are struggling to measure their digital marketing campaigns as consumers move back and forth across connected devices and into physical brick-and-mortar store locations, explains Viant’s UK Managing Director, Katie Field, in this video interview at the 2015 Digital Marketing Show in London.

Understanding & Adapting to the Mobile Eco-Systems

Uniting and leveraging the two dominant mobile eco-systems – web browsers and mobile apps — to execute successful digital advertising campaigns remains a major concern in ad tech, explains Viant CEO Tim Vanderhook.