Demand-Side Platform

People-Based Media Solutions

Viant's® Demand-Side Platform (DSP), powered by Adelphic, brings the precision of people-based targeting into digital ad delivery and programmatic buying while ensuring a brand safe and viewable environment.

Learn more about our innovative DSP subscription pricing, that can save marketers up to 80% on programmatic fees.

Key Features of Viant's DSP

Innovative Subscription Model Option

Choose economies of scale for industry-leading cost savings, trust and transparency or select basic DSP pricing based on marketer needs.

People-Based Cross Device Delivery

Using our integrated device graph, reduce wasted impressions and accurately reach target audiences wherever they are.

Advanced Self-Service Platform

Leverage powerful tools and key partner integrations for easy activation of data, inventory and ad quality to significantly improve campaign performance.

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Viant has a team of professionals available to support implementation and integration to ensure full capabilities are leveraged from day one.

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