Are you in sales or marketing? For Salesforce, the distinction blurs

Want to target an audience of one? Salesforce’s latest marketing software update uses CRM to personalize cross-channel engagement.

Salesforce Revamps Its Marketing Cloud With New Connections To Sales, Service And Display Ads is announcing a new version of its Marketing Cloud. The company is unveiling the new features today in New York City at its Connections event for digital marketers. It’s adding new features to its Journey Builder, a drag-and-drop tool for managing customer interactions, and to Active Audiences, which connects customer data to online ad campaigns. Opens Up Access To Ad Tech Companies wants marketers to know its paid media pitch extends well beyond the confines of social media now.
On Wednesday, it revealed buyers can now activate CRM data for ad buys across mobile web, video, display and apps through a wave of new Active Audiences API partners: LiveRamp, LiveIntent, Neustar, Krux and Viant.

Salesforce Wants to Help Clients Buy Display Ads Using Their CRM Data

To power the ad-buying platform, Salesforce is teaming up with Viant, Acxiom’s Liveramp, and Neustar.

Viant Advertising Cloud To Integrate With The Salesforce Marketing Cloud To Deliver Journey-Based Advertising At Scale

Viant’s People-Based Platform Allows Marketers to Leverage their CRM Platform Across All Digital Advertising Investments

With great data comes great responsibility

Powerful new data analytics systems, marketing automation platforms, and a host of other tools are part of this revolution in targeting.

Solving the CMO’s Dilemma – Part 4: Understanding & Adapting to the Mobile Eco-Systems

Uniting and leveraging the two dominant mobile eco-systems – web browsers and mobile apps – to execute successful digital advertising campaigns remains a major concern in ad tech.

For Retailers, People Are Better than Proxies

With the rise of big data, social media, and mobile communications, retailers should now be enjoying unprecedented opportunities to understand and reach their consumers like never before.

Solving the CMO’s Dilemma – Part 3: Combatting Data Fragmentation & A Lack of Access to Data

Made up of hundreds of companies offering demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, data management platforms, ad networks, ad exchanges and more, our splintered Lumascape has caused a major problem for our clients: data fragmentation.

Solving the CMO’s Dilemma – Part 2: 2015 Marks the Year of People-Based Ad Targeting

In 2015, the question of viewability has evolved beyond simply “has my ad been seen?” Today, marketers want to know not only if an ad has been seen, but also who is seeing it.