The Big Story: The Path Forward For Criteo And Viant

For ad tech companies Criteo and Viant, it’s onward and… upward?

Viant Separates From Meredith As Ad Industry Buybacks Become More Common

Ad-tech company Viant completed a company buyout earlier this week that the co-founders say allows them to “take back control” from Meredith Corporation.

Adelphic Report: Are Programmatic Traders Set Up for Success?

Adelphic by Viant’s New Programmatic Report Shows Trader Opinions and Challenges, Coincides With National Programmatic Advertising Day

Viant Co-Founders Acquire Meredith Corporation’s 60% Stake in Company

Viant, a leading advertising technology company, announced it has completed a company buyout and that the Viant co-founders, Tim and Chris Vanderhook, are taking back control of the ad tech company from Meredith Corporation.

Meredith Sells 60% Viant Stake to Co-Founders

Meredith Corp. has sold the 60% stake it owns in ad tech company Viant to its co-founders.

Viant Returns to Independence as Meredith Sells its Stake

Ad tech company Viant’s co-founders,Tim and Chris Vanderhook, announced they have bought back the 60 percent stake of the company from Meredith Corp for an undisclosed fee. The company will therefore return to the market as independent.

Viant buys itself back from Meredith

Ad tech firm Viant has acquired itself from Meredith. Viant’s founder brothers, Tim and Chris Vanderhook, already held on to 40 per cent of the company and have now picked up the remaining 60 per cent from the media giant.

Viant Co-Founders Buy Back Company From Meredith

Viant co-founders Tim and Chris Vanderhook said Monday they’ve bought back the 60% stake they sold to Time Inc. in 2016, before Time Inc. itself was acquired by Meredith. They declined to reveal the deal price, though the Vanderhooks sold Viant in 2016 for a reported $87 million.

Viant Acquires Itself From Meredith

Viant has acquired itself from media publishing powerhouse Meredith, the companies said Monday. Brothers Chris and Tim Vanderhook, who started Viant 20 years ago, owned a 40 percent stake; Meredith sold the pair the remaining 60 percent.

Viant Co-Founders Buy Back Stake

Viant Technology LLC, an Irvine-based advertising technology company, announced Monday it has completed a company buyout and that Viant co-founders Tim and Chris Vanderhook are taking back control of the firm from Meredith Corp.