Digital Out of Home is Essential is to Targeting Business Travelers

With the continued rise of DOOH, those hard-to-engage demographics like business travelers are more in reach than ever. Additionally, though a cross-channel approach and retargeting capabilities, hospitality marketers can expand and open even more opportunities to connect with them in holistic, creative and engaging way, writes Viant CMO Jon Schulz.

Study of 5 million fast-food visits reveals customer segments, channel effectiveness

Viant, a people-based advertising technology company, used location data, loyalty card and transaction data and machine learning to understand the affinities and behavior of fast-food buyers and group them into distinct sub-segments for more personalized targeting.

Viant’s Adelphic Announces Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities

Leading self-service advertising platform enhances advertiser performance, driving a 4X increase in viewable inventory versus leading industry benchmarks, 10 percent reduction in fraudulent inventory and increased cost savings through bid efficiency.

What Beverage Partnerships Make Sense for Rock, Country and Hip-Hop Festivals

When advertisers are looking for beverage partnerships for music festivals, it’s important to understand festival goers’ drink preferences change based on which artists they’re there to see.

How to Demystify QSR Customers

With location data, transaction data and machine learning, QSR franchises can truly understand their customers – and the differences between them.

Who Should Your Restaurant Market To?

Viant shared a study with QSR called “Demystifying Quick-Service Restaurant Customers.” Its goal was to better understand the industry’s guests by analyzing demographics and marketing tactics. The insights came from location data, transaction data, and machine learning, applied to identify several customer segments for quick-serves.

Viant Launches New QSR Solution

Viant, a Meredith Corporation people-based advertising technology company, today announced the launch of its new QSR solution. The new offering enables national and regional quick service restaurants (QSRs) to target valuable audiences, measure offline sales and optimize campaigns on the fly.

Digital Audio Can Be An Advertising MVP – If Navigated Correctly

With brands increasingly looking to find creative ways to reach consumers across a growing number of channels and devices, with more targeted and personalized messages, digital audio is poised to be an advertiser’s MVP – but it requires some navigating in order to succeed, writes Viant’s SVP of Operations Jon Ahuna.

Marketers Adjust As Digital Ad Spending Surpasses Traditional for First Time

Jon Schulz, chief marketing officer at Viant, a Meredith Corporation-owned ad-tech company, says the specter of increased regulation is “less a wild card than a new way of life.” Its main impact, he says, will be to make first-party data more important than ever.

Marketers Adjust As Digital Ad Spending Surpasses Traditional for First Time

As marketing dollars flow toward digital channels, brands have started to adopt a holistic view of their overall ad purchasing strategy.