Myspace still not dead, but ads are in the driving seat

The idea, in short, is to link people’s online profiles with their offline shopping habits – credit card purchases for example – so that advertisers will know whether their digital ads have led to real-world sales.

MySpace Still Reaches 50 Million People Each Month

Between desktop and mobile devices, MySpace reached 50.6 million unique users in the U.S. in November. That’s a massive surge of 575% versus the same month in 2013.

Myspace’s owner, looking to tap its user base, launches ‘first advertising cloud’

Today, the Irvine, California-based company announced its name change to Viant and its launch of what it describes as “the first advertising cloud.”

IMH, Parent Company Of Specific Media And Myspace, Rebrands As Viant

Interactive Media Holdings — the parent company of Specific Media, Vindico, Xumo and Myspace — is starting fresh in 2015. The company on Wednesday announced it has rebranded as Viant, and the group of tech firms it houses collectively comprise the company’s new cloud-based ad platform.

MySpace Owners Say Their Ad-Tech is Ahead of Facebook’s

Tim and Chris Vanderhook, the brothers who bought MySpace in June 2011, are introducing a new ad-tech platform, pitching the same “real people” targeting that is core to Facebook’s ad offering. And they say their tech is better.

Interactive Media Holdings Rebrands As ‘Viant,’ Unleashes An ‘Advertising Cloud’

Interactive Media Holdings (IMH), the operating company behind ad network Specific Media, social network MySpace, video ad platform Vindico and smart TV system Xumo, rebranded Wednesday as Viant.

Did My Ad Really Work? Closing the Loop on Data Onboarding

Why is there such disparity between TV and digital video ad spend today? The amount of online channels is nearly endless, and digital ads have far more potential to be interactive and engaging than traditional television ads.

Here Are The Three Biggest Things Advertisers Should Be Focusing on in 2015

The quest to “know your customer” has changed drastically. Before the internet, marketers would only have a person’s mailing address. Now they’re able to extract an incredible amount of data about their customers from their social media handles, IP addresses, and mobile device IDs. In other words, customer anonymity is officially a thing of the […]