(VIDEO) MySpace Userbase Is Now Viant’s Giant Ad Targeting Machine

“We set out to create a new foundation not as reliant on proxies and cookies but on a direct relationship with the consumer… a project to map out the country.”

MySpace Userbase Is Now Viant’s Giant Ad Targeting Machine

MySpace may have struggled to retain relevance over the last few years, but its latest owner recently rolled up the social network in to a proposition it hopes advertisers will find appealing.

MySpace CEO: ‘Atlas is Not an end-to-end Platform… It’s just a Display Ad Server’

Tim Vanderhook, Viant, and MySpace, CEO, speaks to ExchangeWire, on the launch of the company’s latest ‘advertising cloud’ service.

Bursting the Viewability Bubble: Are Your Ad Dollars Getting Bang for Your Buck

The advertising industry does not have a consistent standard or approach in how to deal with existing viewability and fraud issues…

Ad-Tech Stocks Take a Beating on Wall Street, IPO Market Dries Up

Wall Street is falling out of love with ad tech, and the feeling appears to be mutual.

“Throwback Thursday” Has Unexpectedly Made Myspace Cool Again (And Yes, Your Old Account Is Still Active)

Myspace — the social network that seemingly died in 2011 — is having a weird renaissance: 50 million people now visit the music-heavy social network each month.

Myspace still not dead, but ads are in the driving seat

The idea, in short, is to link people’s online profiles with their offline shopping habits – credit card purchases for example – so that advertisers will know whether their digital ads have led to real-world sales.

MySpace Still Reaches 50 Million People Each Month

Between desktop and mobile devices, MySpace reached 50.6 million unique users in the U.S. in November. That’s a massive surge of 575% versus the same month in 2013.

Myspace’s owner, looking to tap its user base, launches ‘first advertising cloud’

Today, the Irvine, California-based company announced its name change to Viant and its launch of what it describes as “the first advertising cloud.”

IMH, Parent Company Of Specific Media And Myspace, Rebrands As Viant

Interactive Media Holdings — the parent company of Specific Media, Vindico, Xumo and Myspace — is starting fresh in 2015. The company on Wednesday announced it has rebranded as Viant, and the group of tech firms it houses collectively comprise the company’s new cloud-based ad platform.