Are Second Screens Distracting TV Viewers?

People’s increasing use of second screens lets advertisers reach users through more devices. But is this making it harder for TV advertisers to reach their target audiences? Viant reveals 45.8% of marketers said that consumers being distracted by their second screens is one of the top factors that limits the success of their TV ad campaigns.

All eyes are on Emmy producer Lorne Michaels

“Sunday Night Football is a clear conflict for the Emmys and it’s a common sense decision for NBC to air on a Monday when you look at the ratings from last year,” says Jon Schulz, CMO at Viant. “It’s no coincidence that the 2014 Emmys was the last time the awards show had an audience over of 12 million viewers and the last time it aired on a Monday. Football and the Emmys may have very little in common from a content perspective, but their audience demographics overlap.”

Viant Offers Data Segments For B2B Marketers

Viant, an ad-technology company, is offering a suite of B2B data segments through the Viant Advertising Cloud, thanks to partnerships with Dun & Bradstreet, Transunion, Infogroup, HG and PeopleFinders DaaS.

What’s Really Fueling The Rise Of PMPs?

As transparency becomes a high priority across the advertising landscape, more brands and agencies demand to know exactly what their media investment is getting them, writes Viant’s VP of Programmatic Strategy Alex Perrin in MediaPost, as he discusses what’s fueling the rise of PMPs today.

The GDPR Is a Cookie Monster

Websites are purging cookies now that they’re required to be more stringent about how they use people’s data. In a September 2017 study of 250 US digital marketers by Viant, about 60% of respondents said they will no longer rely on cookies for the majority of their digital marketing within the next two years.

Viant Launches Purchase Cycle Ad Targeting, BevMo Programmatic Audience Segments

Viant Technology on Wednesday introduced an ad-targeting feature that considers how long it takes for a consumer to repurchase a product from CPG companies such as cereal, detergent and pet food before sending that targeted message.

Why Marketers Are Skeptical About Vendors Fulfilling Promises

“Salesy” tactics like touting vanity metrics are spreading doubt about digital marketing’s effectiveness. In a survey of 50 US CFOs conducted by Viant, 36% of respondents said one of their biggest concerns about the digital marketing at their organization is that they measure in vanity metrics. The CFOs’ frustrations stemmed from being presented with material that didn’t help them meet their ultimate goals.

Latino Millennials: Vegans, non-binaries, progressives

For companies like Viant, focused on market growth, Millennials are one of the most intrinsically multicultural consumers in the United States,” representing some 75 million individuals across the country. In its analysis of the demographic group, Viant showed that Hispanic consumers are not only more inclined to interact with brands directly through social media, but that 30 percent of them “are more likely to register as Democrats.”

Truth, Justice & The Not-So-Involved Way: How Comic Book Fans Index On Civic Engagement

Despite the superhero ethos of civic engagements, comic book superhero fans index below the average American when it comes to participating actively in civil, social or political issues. The insight, which comes from a special analysis Viant did leading up to Friday’s opening of Comic-Con 2018 in San Diego.

How Bots Steal Your Online Advertising Budget

Targeting is of utmost importance in marketing and advertising. Yet every year advertisers lose billions of dollars as a result of poorly designed targeting strategies. According to a study conducted by Viant, Inc., there are three factors hindering success in digital ad campaigns. Audience reach is only 30 percent; targeting inaccuracies stand at 27 percent; and anonymous ad targeting amounts to 26 percent.