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Advertisers: You’re overpaying for inventory. Here’s how I know

For advertisers (and agencies who represent them), it’s time to even the playing field by having your DSP work harder for you. The time has come to stop overpaying for inventory and allowing publishers and SSPs to take advantage, writes Viant’s SVP of Platform Automation & Analytics Steven Ohrnstein.

Viant’s Moviegoer Research Gives Us Some Interesting Numbers

In the season of year-end list making, the people-based advertising technology company, Viant has come out with it an interesting list: one that studies frequent movie goer patterns and classifies them among race and ethnicity-based consumer groups.

Break Down the Silos of TV and Online Video

A holistic video approach has been held back because the ecosystem has been splintered, but by combining the best data sources with the best inventory, marketers can execute a campaign that is measurable, scalable, and highly effective for building a brand today, writes Viant’s CRO Jeff Collins in EContent Magazine.

Will Digital OOH Enter the Mainstream in 2019? Experts Predict

“As more advertisers develop DOOH campaigns, increasingly diverse inventory formats will be made available, as well as more advanced methods for capturing insights on purchase behaviour and cross-device usage. DOOH will be key for retailers aiming to drive in-store foot traffic and use data to inform their cross-channel campaigns,” says Viant CMO Jon Schulz in ExchangeWire.

‘Deal or No Deal’ reboot hits CNBC with live play-along app

“The challenge here for advertisers is that TV viewers might be physically present while commercials air, but not fully mentally present,” Viant found. To combat this, marketers are now working to develop strategies to engage these second-screeners through mobile apps and play-along content, such as “Deal or No Deal Live.”

Can Machine Learning Solve Our Viewability Challenges?

Given the limited availability of quality inventory, as more advertisers want viewable impressions, competition increases and price move up. Increasing the scale of this pool is one of the biggest challenges facing advertisers today. So how do we solve for these issues? Viant’s CTO Fabrizio Blanco reveals.

For Programmatic To Grow, Commercial Terms Must Change

As programmatic matures, the business model must change to keep up with the times. Advertisers will migrate from the pay-as-you-go percentage-of-spend tech tax to new models, such as long-term subscriptions, writes Viant’s CRO Jeff Collins.

Two DSPs add out-of-home programmatic inventory, as the real world becomes another channel

An announcement this week by Adelphic highlights new forms of retargeting, attribution, real-world based audience targeting and multi-channel coordinated campaigns.

Four Reasons Why Your 2019 Marketing Budget Should Target Hispanics

According to Viant research, Hispanic shoppers are active within their communities online and turn to social to research, review and advocate for brands. Nearly 50% of survey participants report they have participated in an online discussion involving a brand or have used a brand’s hashtag, compared to 17% of non-Hispanic shoppers.

Retail Briefing: The North Face takes a stab at a ‘retail lab’

Ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up this weekend, Viant claims that Black Friday shoppers are 36 percent more likely to eat at a Golden Corral and 71 percent more likely to shop at JCPenney in Digiday.