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Viant’s TV Viewability and Distraction Report: 89% of US Smartphone Owners Use Their Phone While Watching TV

Viant has published the results of its TV Viewability study, in which it analyzes device ownership and distraction factors. The answer, concludes the study, is a cross-channel and retargeting strategy.

Why B2B Marketers Look to Multi-Touch Attribution to Drive Qualified Leads

B2B marketers have more advantages than ever to increase the precision and accuracy of their campaigns. And to reach and engage the right qualified leads, multi-touch attribution (MTA) is one of the best tools to help B2B marketers have greater precision and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns throughout the customer journey, writes, Jon Schulz, CMO, Viant.

Viant’s Adelphic acts to solve ad pricing transparency by offering ‘all-you-can-eat’ monthly subscription

Marketers regularly complain about transparency in digital advertising and, this week, Viant’s Adelphic announced a pricing change that it believes solves the problem for a demand-side platform (DSP).

In Industry Shift, Adelphic Tries Subscription-Based Pricing for Programmatic

Viant-owned Adelphic is aiming to upend the way programmatic is used to buy ads, saying Wednesday that marketers can purchase unlimited impressions through its demand side platform using a subscription-based pricing model at a cost of $3,000 per month.

Why the SaaS model is right for programmatic

Viant’s CEO Tim Vanderhook reveals why it’s time for the ad tech industry to adopt and fully embrace the SaaS model for programmatic media buying platforms in Marketing Land.

Why Marketers Struggle with Data-Driven Personalization

More than four in 10 marketers say that a lack of time, people and money has inhibited their personalization efforts. Challenges around data were also cited as a top barrier. According to Jon Schulz, CMO of Viant, marketers need robust customer relationship management data to properly segment audiences for personalized messages.

US Programmatic Ad Spending Forecast Update 2018

In the US, programmatic advertising is digital display advertising. We forecast that spending on this form of automated buying and selling will reach nearly $48 billion by year’s end. By 2020, US advertisers will transact nearly $69 billion in US digital display ad spending programmatically, accounting for 86.3% of the digital display pie.

TV Viewability [REPORT]

Viant’s new report, TV Viewability in the Age of the Distracted Viewer, dives into the challenges facing television advertising in 2018 – everything from second-screen distraction to the DVR and rise of OTT – and explains how an effective cross-device strategy can help marketers achieve their goals.

Multiscreen Viewing Habits Killing TV Ads’ Reach

Today’s distractions only reinforce a lack of TV ad viewership, and present big challenges for marketers attempting to break through today’s cluttered media landscape. More than half of TV viewers today — 52 percent — admit changing the channel during a standard network or cable advertising segment, according to a new report on TV viewing habits by advertising technology company Viant Technology.

Social Media Survival Skills: Tips for Reaching U.S. Hispanics

Rates of social media usage are increasing, especially among U.S. Spanish speakers. According to Viant research, 50% of Hispanic millennial shoppers report either discussing a brand online or using a brand’s hashtag — significantly more than the 17% of the general population that does the same.