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‘National Programmatic Advertising Day’ Is Now Coming to a Calendar Near You

Thanks to Viant’s Adelphic, those who work in programmatic will soon have their moment in the sun: November 7 will mark the first-ever National Programmatic Advertising Day.

MarTech Interview with Tim Vanderhook, CEO at Viant

In honor of Viant’s 20th anniversary, CEO Tim Vanderhook reflected on the company’s two decades in digital advertising with Martech Series.

The Ad Industry’s Focus on Scale Has Ignored Small Businesses

With a subscription model, SMBs can access enterprise-grade solutions in a very cost-effective manner. The subscription model provides much more transparency into the fees associated with programmatic ad buying and allows SMBs to scale spend without incurring additional fees, writes Viant’s CMO Jon Schulz in MarTech Series.

MarTech RADAR 2019: Top 250 B2B Technology Companies You Should Follow

Viant is thrilled to be included in MarTech Series’ 2019 Top 250 B2B Technology Companies for our digital advertising and live analytics capabilities!

A Cross-Channel Programmatic Bidding Option With Viewability, Fraud Predictions

Steven Ohrnstein, SVP of platform automation and analytics at Viant, said the company has been working for years to wipe out fraudulent impressions from bid requests with a set of new tools. “We found that about 10% of traffic is potentially fraudulent ad inventory that we don’t allow brands to bid on,” Ohrnstein said.

The Connected Fan: Women’s World Cup

“For brands trying to determine where to allocate ad budgets during major sporting events, the World Cup presents an exciting opportunity to connect with a growing and engaged audience,” Jon Schulz, CMO of Meredith Corporation-owned ad tech platform Viant, stated.

Cuebiq Partner Spotlight: Q&A With Adam Paz

Cuebiq sat down with Adam Paz, Vice President, East, of Viant — a partner of Cuebiq that specializes in people-based advertising technology — and he revealed his point of view on OOH & DOOH advertising measurement, technological advancements in the space, and more.

Digital Out of Home is Essential is to Targeting Business Travelers

With the continued rise of DOOH, those hard-to-engage demographics like business travelers are more in reach than ever. Additionally, though a cross-channel approach and retargeting capabilities, hospitality marketers can expand and open even more opportunities to connect with them in holistic, creative and engaging way, writes Viant CMO Jon Schulz.

Study of 5 million fast-food visits reveals customer segments, channel effectiveness

Viant, a people-based advertising technology company, used location data, loyalty card and transaction data and machine learning to understand the affinities and behavior of fast-food buyers and group them into distinct sub-segments for more personalized targeting.

Who Should Your Restaurant Market To?

Viant shared a study with QSR called “Demystifying Quick-Service Restaurant Customers.” Its goal was to better understand the industry’s guests by analyzing demographics and marketing tactics. The insights came from location data, transaction data, and machine learning, applied to identify several customer segments for quick-serves.