What Movie Ticket Stubs Tell Us About Brand Preference

What can a movie ticket stub can tell us about a person? If he or she frequents theaters, we can actually learn a lot – and not just about whether they prefer comedies to horror flicks or if they’re big fans of this year’s Oscar nominees.

Leveraging the Viant Advertising Cloud, our people-based platform that consists of more than 250 million registered users, we uncovered the brand preferences of frequent movie goers based on their film genre of choice. Here’s what we found.

Action/Adventure Fans
…Prefer to Snack Healthier

Fans of action and adventure movies are 42% more likely to shop at health and nutrition retailer GNC than other movie lovers. When it comes to soft drinks, they keep it light – as light as it gets, in fact, as they’re 38% more likely to drink Coke Zero.

Even when they hit the chip aisle, they lean toward healthier options: They’re 50% more likely to buy SunChips. When they do splurge on dessert, action and adventure movie fans are 60% more likely to visit Cold Stone Creamery.

…are Deal Hunters

Action and adventure movie fans are deal hunters both online and in-store. Online, they’re 66% more likely to shop at Overstock.com and 40% more likely to find a deal on Groupon.

Brick-and-mortar discount retailers are popular with fans of action and adventure, as well. They’re 65% more likely to pick up shoes at Famous Footwear, 42% more likely to shop at Marshall’s and 35% more likely to shop at TJ Maxx.

Comedy Fans
…Prefer Economical Cars

Movie fans who like to laugh prefer economy to luxury when they’re behind the wheel.  Comedy fans are 24% more likely to drive an Acura, 15% more likely to have a Honda in the garage and 14% more likely to head to the theater in a Nissan.

…Aren’t as Health Conscious

Whereas action and adventure movie fans tend to skew a bit healthier with their snack and drink preferences, the same isn’t true for comedy aficionados. Instead, comedy fans are 260% more likely to be frequent buyers of salty snack food and twice as likely to pick up Nabisco salty snacks at the market.

When they’re heading out to eat, comedy fans are 52% more likely to eat at Carl’s Jr., 35% more likely to eat at Denny’s and 30% more likely to stop by Red Robin. As for their soft drink of choice, comedy fans are 23% more likely to grab a Fanta.

Drama Fans
…Buy Clothes at Mall Stores

Drama movie enthusiasts are also gung-ho for a couple of department stores. They’re 230% more likely to shop at Nordstrom and 86% more likely to shop at Macy’s than other movie fanatics.

In addition to department stores, a few other apparel stores often found in the mall are of preference. Drama fans are twice as likely to shop at the Gap and Ann Taylor, as well as 64% more likely to shop at H&M.

…Like a Little Luxury

Movie fans are more likely to have driven luxury vehicles to their local theater. They’re 38% more likely to drive a Mercedes, 35% more likely to own a Lexus and 25% more likely to be behind the wheel of a BMW.

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