Welcome to VIANT

Today I have the honor of sharing some of the most exciting news of my career to-date, and I am thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Welcome to Viant – the culmination of 15 years of passionately building up advertising technology solutions to set the new standard for excellence in marketing, targeting and creating unique relationships with consumers worldwide.

Formerly Interactive Media Holdings, Viant combines the best capabilities of each of our brands – Specific Media, Vindico, Myspace and Xumo – to provide the most comprehensive, enterprise-wide advertising platform in the industry that allows marketers to manage and execute their ad campaigns from start to finish. We are calling this new platform the Viant Advertising Cloud™.

Since I first started this company with my brothers in 1999 as AdvertisementBanners.com, we have evolved from being the first company to champion behavioral targeting to the first company to successfully create a fully functioning Advertising Cloud platform. Both of these achievements were – and are – game-changing for the industry.

Viant is the integration of industry-leading digital marketing technologies created from our own proprietary technologies and strategic acquisitions over the years. Yet, our core brands remain the same:

  • Specific Media – Cross-device ad platform
  • Vindico – Third-party ad serving, quality and verification solution
  • Myspace – Social, music and content destination with more than 1 billion global registered users
  • Xumo – Connected TV advertising platform

About a year ago, our vision for Viant really started to take shape. We knew we needed to take the technology from all our companies to create something for our customers that combined our expertise in ad management, targeting, and online and TV media channels. The Viant Advertising Cloud™ takes our experience and combines all the crucial elements of advertising to make it easy for brands and marketers to develop, target and measure the success of their campaigns.

This equals more bang for your budgeted ad spend.

The idea of placing ad management in the cloud is a new idea for many companies. However, at its core, advertising is about executing new, inspiring ideas and reaching audiences through thought-provoking and massive campaigns, like those during the Super Bowl. Our new wave of cloud-based advertising technology will be about creating many different ads for many people, reaching them in a way that is unique and tailored to their interests and behaviors. Viant is helping CMOs and marketers achieve these new goals.

Advertising in the cloud combines data, technology, targeting and personalization to usher in a new era for the advertising industry, and Viant is at the forefront of this change.

I couldn’t be more excited to see Viant achieve this milestone for our clients and for advertisers around the globe. You can check out our brand video to hear more from us about the evolution of our company and what Viant means to us and the entire advertising industry.

Welcome to Viant!

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