They Love to Shop, but Where do Black Friday Shoppers Like to Eat the Rest of the Year?

The day after Thanksgiving – you probably know it as Black Friday – was once again likely the busiest shopping day of the year. Considered the kickoff of the holiday season, Black Friday gets tons of press for the sheer number of deal-hunters it draws from their homes and into stores, often before sunrise.

But what isn’t as talked about is what big-time Black Friday shoppers are opening up their wallets for the rest of the year – especially when it comes to satisfying their appetites after giving their credit cards a workout. So, to figure that out, we put the Viant Advertising Cloud, Viant’s people-based platform that consists of more than 250 registered users, to work. By comparing Black Friday shoppers to those who wait to hit the stores until later in the season, we were able to uncover the top brand preferences of the Black Friday faithful.

Below, some brands that draw the attention of Black Friday deal hunters regardless of the season.

Devoted Diners

When it comes to casual dining, Black Friday shoppers feel strongly about a trio of franchises. Leading the way is the legendary buffet offerings of Golden Corral, at which Black Friday shoppers are 36% more likely to eat.

When staying away from the buffet, Black Friday shoppers are 27% more likely to enjoy a meal (and likely watch sports) at Buffalo Wild Wings or 26% more likely to grab some seafood crackers and head to Red Lobster.

Fast Food Fanatics

If there’s little time to sit down and eat, Black Friday shoppers are covered – they’re big fans of a number of fast food joints. Leading the way are Sonic and Hardees, as Black Friday shoppers are 56% more likely the stop by the former and 54% more likely to grab a burger to go at the latter.

But that’s not all. Black Friday shoppers are also 47% more likely to pick up a pie at Pizza Hut and 49% more likely eat at Arby’s. For Black Friday shoppers with a sweet tooth, Dairy Queen is a preference; they’re 49% more likely to treat themselves to DQ.

American Auto Aficionados

As for the cars they’re driving to dinner after Thanksgiving, Black Friday shoppers tend to prefer those made in America. They’re 21% more likely to own a Chevy car or truck and 16% more likely to have a Dodge at home in the garage.

This is particularly interesting to note because, as we found, shoppers who wait until after Black Friday to complete their holiday shopping don’t necessarily lean toward American-made cars. In fact, they’re 19% more likely to own Hondas than Black Friday fanatics.

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