These Brands Are on the Light Side for Star Wars Fans

Whether on the light side or the dark side, Star Wars fans nationwide are clamoring to see The Last Jedi, which is projected to net anywhere from $190M to $215M in its opening weekend, a testament to the purchasing power Star Wars fans have at their fingertips.

The movie’s release is yet another opportunity to bring fans old and new into the Star Wars universe, which, in its entirety, can be consumed on any device, in any setting, offering advertisers a multitude of opportunities to reach their target fan audience. With such a vast and multi-generational fanbase, brands don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away to reach them.

Using the Viant Advertising Cloud, Viant’s people-based platform consisting of more than 1 billion registered users and our leading TV ACR technology, which recognizes people by viewing behavior, we wanted to showcase the kind of first-party data advertisers can leverage to inform their strategies in reaching Star Wars fans and the brands they connect with most. 

Star Wars Fans Are More Likely to Drink Beer Than Non-Fans

8% more likely, to be more precise. If the Mos Eisley Cantina were real, fans would likely be found drinking Corona Extra, Miller Lite and Sam Adams, as they’re 27% and 20% more likely to go with those brands than non-fans. Budweiser and Coors seem to be the great equalizer: fans and non-fans are equally as likely to purchase them! Fans are 35% less likely to drink Busch beer.

Star Wars Fans Are More Likely to Drive a Lexus

When the Death Star or Millennium Falcon are out of commission, Star Wars fans are 44% more likely to drive a Lexus than non-fans, and are also likely to drive a Chrysler or GMC. They’re almost 50% less likely to drive a Cadillac than non-fans.

  • Star Wars fans are 44% more likely to own a Lexus than non-fans
  • Star Wars fans are 40% more likely to own a Chrysler than non-fans
  • Star Wars fans are a third-more likely to own a GMC than non-fans
  • Star Wars fans are 46% less likely to own a Cadillac
  • Star Wars fans are 40% less likely to own an Acura
  • Star Wars fans are 33% less likely to own a BMW
Star Wars Fans Are More Likely to Order Domino’s

Star Wars Fans are more likely to order some post-movie Domino’s, as opposed to visiting other QSR chains. However, when compared to non-fans, Star Wars fans are less likely to choose QSR chains overall.

Star Wars Fans are More Likely to Shop at Costco

When it comes to where Star Wars fans like to shop, they’re 22% more likely to shop at Costco, and 21% more likely to shop at Target than non-fans.

While Star Wars fans and non-fans certainly have more in common than they might have thought, Star Wars fans definitely have strong opinions – especially when it comes to the brands they eat, drink and drive (not together!) These insights are sure to help brands connect with key audiences, especially as we drive deep into the holiday season and plans for the New Year.

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